Geo AR Games

We get kids off the couch and running around outside through safe mobile outdoor games. Our goal is to get kids to develop a healthy relationship with technology.

By now the world has learned about Pokemon Go and Augmented Reality. We have developed a safer version of mobile outdoor gaming similar to Pokemon Go but for kids aged 6-11 years old. Kids only need a smartphone or a tablet and a big open, flat park to play in and one of our Geo AR games. “Sharks in the Park” or “Magical Park”. Kids can wander through our game world using their device and interact with the characters they see. Our games are 100% Augmented Reality, stimulate exercise and have safety features such as a road detection warning sign when a child gets too close to a road or even water.

Magical Park is a product we offer councils around the world to turn a normal park into a theme park attraction. Councils want to attract more tech minded families to urban parks but with little effort and low maintenance cost. Our digital playground allows that. Magical Park is a geofenced game that will only work in council selected parks and therefore turn a park into a family destination. As kids play our games, they start to discover other things they can do, like climbing a tree, playing tag or riding their bike.


Melanie Langlotz

Amie Wolken