Forma Eyewear

FORMA is a modern manufactory creating custom premium 3D-printed eyewear.

Made-to-measure clothing and footwear have existed for centuries, but no one offers made-to-measure premium eyewear, even though every face is unique and different. Today even top designers mass produce frames in one size, because producing custom or made-to-measure eyewear would be excessively expensive using traditional means.

Our technology allows us to scan your face using a portable 3D scanner. We adjust the 3D design and manufacture glasses that fit your face perfectly. Once your measurements are in our system, you can order your next pair of either sunglasses or optical glasses with the push of a button.

We create our frames with only one goal in mind: to give you exceptional eyewear. Honoring the true heritage of eyewear making, each FORMA frame is hand-made using innovative materials and processes, like 3D printing and 3D scanning. From start to finish there are more than 50 steps to make sure each and every frame is a true work of art.


Balazs SlezakRichard NagyGyorgy SurekDaniel Asztalos