Flystro in an online marketplace (Uber style) that connects drone pilots with clients in various industries like real estate, construction and events. Flystro helps to solve the drone pilots need for more visibility and more efficiency in their transactions and helps the clients to solve their need for professional aerial filming. Flystro was incorporated in May 2015 in Montreal (Canada).
Drone filming demand is growing exponentially worldwide, pushed by the high quality of drone pictures and videos, affordable price, flexibility and potential return on investment of these aerial filming. Moreover, there are more and more professional drone pilots in the market and the regulations are more and more flexible. Nevertheless, currently drone pilots are relying on word of mouth marketing and listings to promote their services and their potential clients find it difficult to find drone operators for their needs. In addition of that, transactions between drone pilots and their clients take a lot of time due to several steps necessary to follow before executing a drone mission. Flystro is a marketplace that will solve this problem. The key value proposition is Flystro’s dynamic network grouping drone pilots and their clients in one single platform.
Flystro is allowing clients to look for drone pilots nearby, then access information about their experience, equipment, availabilities and prices, to define an aerial filming mission, to contact the drone pilot, to provide payment and to receive aerial photos and videos. It is also allowing drone pilots to show their work, to manage their schedule and mission, to receive payments and to deliver aerial photos and pictures.


Bassam Rhou & Marwan Benyoussef