The reason why we created F4F is because we need to find new ways of growing food.
We need to increase food production in 70% and we need to upcycle the 33% of food we are wasting globally, so it can be utilized for the growing demand for food and specifically protein.

Land today is scarce, and to expand the agriculture area is not sustainable. Wild seafood captures peaked 20 years ago and have remained steady or decreasing ever since. In addition climate change and draught could affect seriously food production in a near future.

It is a fact, that we need to find new sources of protein to feed a growing demand, so we ask ourselves: where we could find it? we looked towards nature, more specifically, into the insect world.

Insects deliver several invaluable ecosystem services such as pollinator agents, pest control and transforming organic waste into nutritious and sustainable food for all sort of animals, including humans. And guess what: 2 billion people are already eating insects.

what we are doing is to mimick the power of nature using the most efficient type of insect, carefully selected, and developing a proprietay technology around it to transform enormous amounts of organic waste, into high value ingredients for food and animal feed; and aditionally organic fertilizer. This way we can recover up to 80% of the nutrients contained in organic waste.
By using a proprietary technology, we create the optimal conditions, for this specie of insect, to reproduce and grow, at an industrial scale

At our facilities we aim to transorm 10 tons of organic waste into half a ton of protein meal in 1 day. We can use this product as an ingredient for nutritious and sustainable food products for humans, or as an ingredient for pet and animal feed, in addition to the organic fertilizer that it generates as a coproduct.

Our market is pet and animal feed, human consumption, organic waste management and organic fertilizers. Only in Chile the market is over 1 billion dolars

Like anything in nature, insect production is sustainable , efficient, scalable. modular, and nutritious, being the natural food of several animal species

The way we, at F4F, see ourselves in the future is not defying nature, but leveraging its wisdom using the power of insects to transform organic waste into a sustainable and alternative source of protein, to feed the world


Cristián Emhart

Alejandro Tocigl

Gonzalo Urquieta

Andrés Pesce

Francisco Serra