Blood exams are crucial to diagnose and monitor multiple health indicators and even though they influence 70% of medical decisions they carry many complications, as they are time consuming, taking days or even months in some cases, require puncturing, which involves in most cases special conditions to avoid risking the patients’ lives and also most people would prefer to avoid puncturing, in fact, every year millions avoid blood exams because they are afraid of needles, as ten percent of the world population is afraid of needles.
In Daeki we are developing a revolutionary portable device capable of accurately measuring indicators such as cholesterol, glucose, hormones and other indicators with noninvasive methods that use saliva instead of blood. Just by placing a drop of saliva in our device and through electrochemical methods we will obtain accurate results in seconds without using needles.
Worldwide 4.9 billion people suffer from one or more chronic disease that must be monitored with blood exams, this is why the market for clinical laboratory tests reached $94.5 billion dollars on 2013, and from those with chronic disease 2.7 billion correspond to people with raised cholesterol, a condition that causes one third of ischemic heart disease and produces more than 4.4 million deaths every year. For this reason, and to start with, we are focused in the measurement of cholesterol with a device capable of easily measuring LDL, HDL, total cholesterol and triglycerides using saliva instead of blood, targeting specifically people with raised cholesterol that are also afraid of needles, which narrows to 270 million the amount of potential users worldwide and more than 12 million in the US alone.
We are developing the technology for the device and the methods that will be used, and are already in contact with agencies that are helping us with the intellectual property. We have also formed an alliance with R2B Catalyst (an initiative formed by UC Davis Chile and Fundación Instituto de investigación austral) who are helping us to develop the technology.
The team is composed by five fully dedicated members, Diego Alvarez is specialized in design and innovation and is the one in charge of representing and managing the company as CEO, Amanda Céspedes is specialized in the area of biotechnology and is the one leading the work in the laboratory, managing all tasks related to it as CTO, Camilo Berrios is specialized in computer sciences and is the one that is in charge of supplying the lab with equipment and supplies and keeps track of the financial area of the company as CFO. Finally there is Ivanna Araya and Vicente Herrera who are the ones working full and part time respectively in the laboratory and are specialized in biochemistry, biotechnology and chemistry.
Most of us have known each other for years and have been working in Daeki since October of 2015, being selected in accelerators such as Start-Up Chile, Brain UC (currently Brain Chile), One Start Americas and have participated in multiple instances to develop the project even further, raising approximately 40k USD.
We are still developing the technology and will be ready by the end of this year, when this is done we will proceed to work in other methods besides cholesterol and finish the process with the provisional patent. We are working so puncturing is no longer needed and using saliva becomes a standard procedure, Daeki will change blood exams with saliva exams.


Amanda Céspedes - Diego Álvarez - Camilo Berríos - Vicente Herrera