We are a community marketplace for people to take, give and book high quality offline courses around the world.

We give teachers the opportunity to create their own micro-schools by providing them with a course curriculum, methodology, and a suitable space to conduct classes.

The curriculum of classes is centered on the most in-demand 21st century skills. Instructors are also curated and the vetting process is done entirely online. Once approved, an instructor chooses dates and location (a cowork or mtg space from our approved partners), and then publishes and promotes the course.

Our operating model for expansion is similar to that of Uber, new cities carefully measured to make sure we have sufficient instructors and students to seed momentum.

Students will have several choices with an Airbnb-like interface when picking their classes, which is very unique in education, especially offline education. Instructors will value the exposure, reputation-build, services and resources provided by our platform.


Pablo Ferreiro