CoContest is the first crowdsourcing platform dedicated to Interior Design. CoContest goals are to revolutionize the Interior Design, thanks to the work of our huge designers community, making it affordable, tailored and easy to be used.

Our Vision is to change the idea of interior design, yesterday like a luxury service, today thanks to CoContest, a Product for all with a sure output. Our 40,000 designer’s community competes to realize the best project in order to satisfy customer requests. Our customers can browse between several new projects realized according to their requirements and choose the one that matches their dreams.

Filippo Schiano di Pepe starts CoContest in the 2012. After working more than 5 years as an Interior Designer and Architect in Europe, he understood the problems and inefficiency of the market, where young, skilled designers work hard but fail to build a professional life when, at the same time, always more potential customers decide to don’t hire an interior designer.

After focusing on the problem he came up with the idea of giving to all house-holders the possibility of launching their own interior design competition, in the same way that big companies and local administrations do to find the best project for an entire building or museum.

In this way, customer can finally find the right projects for their needs at an affordable price and designers can find new private customers to work with. In few years and with the help of a pool of visionary early stage investors, CoContest has created a community of thousands of designers coming from more than 90 countries and, at moment, is the biggest interior design crowdsourcing portal in the world.

Furtermore with our cutting edge platform, customers (clients and designers) can go through a very easy and friendly user experience. Those in need of a interior design project can launch a competition in a few minutes following 3 simple steps. At the same time designers can take part to all our international competitions, sharing information on the project, asking questions and more specifications, uploading their proposals for free and winning the prize set by the customer.


Filippo Schiano di Pepe; Federico Schiano di Pepe; Alessandro Rossi