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Clap Global – Travellers in Classrooms
Clap is a unique platform for cultural exchange that enables international travelers to visit local school classrooms and have eye-opening conversations with students. Participating in a Clap Talk makes classroom learning more experiential and travel more meaningful. When an entire generation grows up with wider exposure to other cultures, we will have a more peaceful world.

Why Clap?
Young minds are impressionable, and biases developed in childhood often take years to undo. Schools and educators around the world are fast realizing that a student’s cultural intelligence is as important as IQ. They understand that education needs to move beyond rote learning and that children need to be regularly exposed to diverse perspectives and ways of life. Not all parents, however, can afford to send their children on education tours and exchange programs.
Travellers, meanwhile, are growing increasingly wary of typical ‘touristy’ experiences. They want their travel to be more authentic and their interactions with a new place more meaningful.
Through its unique ‘Travellers In Classrooms’ platform, Clap offers enriching experiences for both groups. Children get to learn about different cultures through real stories and real people, and gradually develop an understanding of the world that is deeper than popular stereotypes. And travellers get to witness a slice of real life in a foreign land while making an actual difference to the lives of the people they meet.

How it works?
Clap Talks are curated on a simple digital platform:
Travellers tell us where they’re from, the city they are in now and their available dates. Schools key in a preferred date for a talk, get a list of available traveller profiles, pick and invite a traveller. Clap matches availability and curates an eye-opening talk.

The Clap Kit and Clap Curriculum
Every school that signs up with Clap is given a Clap Kit complete with conversation aids and handbooks to guide them through a talk. Similarly, travellers are given a reference presentation to help them plan their talk better.
Our curriculum tools packaged into the Kit cover a range of universal topics, such as culture, interpersonal relationships, environment, gender, human rights and freedoms, justice, governance and more. The Clap Curriculum is meticulously designed to raise the cultural and emotional intelligence of all the participants of a Clap Talk.

Clap Roadmap
Clap Global, incorporated on Dec 3, 2015, has in its pilot phase already impacted more than 3000 students in 55 classrooms across 18 schools across India. Travellers from 30 different countries from across the world have experienced Clap Talks and loved it. By the end of 2016, we will have a fully automated platform that connects classrooms and travellers (online) and helps them curate a fabulous Clap Talk (offline) and we will start testing our revenue model.
Clap is a free, no-cost platform and will always be so.
There have also been successful pilot Clap Talks in schools in Santiago, Chile.

Revenue Model
We have a 2 point revenue model. Our business model is valued on our user base. We will have Brand Partnerships giving brands opportunity to connect with every Clap school and traveller in a meaningful way on the website and the Clap Kit. We also have a premium model for schools and travellers that adds value to their experience.

Amnesty International has partnered with Clap on the HRE (Human Rights Education) aspect of the Clap Curriculum.
Clap was rewarded an initial seed fund from the Government of Chile through its incubation program, Start-Up Chile.
Clap was also adjudged as ‘Start up of the Year’ and ‘Social Messiah of the Year’ by Exhibit Magazine’s 100 Hottest Start Ups 2016 award Jury, India.
AIESEC is Clap’s official partner to include a Clap Talk experience for every international member of AIESEC in India.


Shirin Johari

Aarti Chhabria