According to ComScore, more than the 96% of all internet users have watched at least one video in the last month, but less than the 5% of the viewers pay attention to the video ads. Big advertisers invest thousands of millions of dollars in Video ads, even if its performance is very low, it brings better results than the rest of the formats. And this investment will grow 3 times by 2018, according to Emarketer.
In Cinemad we do video ads more effective, thanks to our interactive technology we get more attention of the viewers and we reduce the friction in the process of conversion. In average, we drive between 3 and 6 times better performance. We developed a tool to create the interactive videos, buy the media space in premium sites and social networks, serve the interactive campaigns, optimize them in real time and to report all the results. Everything is thought to bring the best performance and results to the brand.
Cinemad converts viewers into customers.


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