One of today’s main concern in the medical daily practice is communication. Medicine has become more complex and it requires a daily strong interaction between doctors. With social media we can now connect to colleagues all around the world to show or comment cases. Nevertheless, available platforms are not dedicated to medicine, nor have a good management of medical sensible data.
We designed CaseSurfer® as a web and mobile platform for safely sharing medical cases and connecting medical doctors around the world. Our aim is to create a medical community of colleagues exchanging experiences and knowledge in order to help patients.
Upload a case, organized it in special folders and then share it to other doctors. You will receive commentaries, and feedback right into your timeline. Everything is saved in the cloud and can be access from any mobile or desk device.
Our team strongly believes that collective thinking could improve people’s health.
Doctors or healthcare professionals can use our platform freely. Our business model consists in a monthly fee for medical companies or educational institutions that wanted to interact with our medical community.
Join Us now and believe in collective thinking!


Rodrigo Rivera and Francisco Cabello