Booklick is an academic e-book streaming service, like Netflix in movies, or Spotify in music, born to solve a problem that we saw in LATAM, this problem was that the average college student is expected to read around 25 different textbooks every month. Meanwhile, these same students are economically-dependent individuals, who need to adjust their budget not just for buying textbooks but for expenses. These include nourishment, transportation and purchasing of academic-related supplies. This means that when it’s time to acquire academic content required for their classes, every student will pursue the most cost-efficient alternative, since buying every book it’s too expensive. Today, the best option are photocopies, or illegal PDF’s found on the Internet. Still, difficulty to consume content represents a great disincentive for studying and reduces academic performance. On the other hand, turns out this also results in a negative impact on the environment, as nearly 7.200.000 photocopies are produced every year, per university, in Colombia. Last but not least, this situation ultimately leads to both publishers and authors not receiving a just revenue for their work.


Tags: Mobile, Publishing, SaaS, Mobile, E-commerce


Federico Platin Bueno