PRODUCT: Unique probiotic frozen dairy product with high clinically proved efficiency.
It contains bifidum- and lactobacterium and aims to be medicine and a delicacy at the same time. Bifidice provides prevent of dysbiosis.
RESEARCH: We developed technology and studied influence of this product on composition of microflora of the human organism, its clinical efficiency. Our population research included 4 trials with about 11 000 people (different age and complains). Studies showed that Bifidice has not only therapeutic action on the human organism but also prevents a lot of diseases.
Program Bifidice as business model: In Russia together with our government and medical specialists we created the Program Bifidice when children eat probiotic ice cream in kindergarten or school as a part of their menu.
Target auditory: The children aged 1 to 14 (11% of population in LatAm). One more target auditory is pregnant women (5%), people during and after antibiotic treatment (7%), weight watchers and healthy life style profiles (2%).
Competitor advantages: Main competitors for the product are probiotic medicine (liquid and capsules form), probiotic products (yoghurt, cheese etc).
1. Compared with medical probiotic preparations Bifidice is the simple and tasty form for the children. Bifidice reaches the small intestine keeping more probiotics than medicine.
2. Compared with probiotic yoghurt and other probiotic products Bifidice has higher value because of a comparatively minor loss of bifidumbacteria since production, has visible and measurable therapeutic and prophylactic effect, significantly higher efficiency and acts as an antagonist to pathogenic microflora.
Customer benefits: 1) High efficiency for children’s and adult’s health 2) Excellent player in a preventive and/or treatment diet as a natural and safe probiotic product 3) Production technology does not change the taste and flavor of ice cream 4) Low fat&low/no sugar recipe
Experience&success story: We have spent a lot of time in developing the technological know-how of frozen probiotic product and studying its clinical effect. We built a strong business infrastructure from associates to partners all over Russia, found people who support our idea that business could be not only very profitable but also social responsible. With this unique experience of launching product and Program Bifidice and more then 15 years experience in marketing, management and sales we now have 59 exclusive partners and sell around 10 million cups ice creams per month.
Revenue model: The LatAm revenue model is based on creating the network of associates and partners in countries of Latin America that could be providers for children’s health program Bifidice: they will deliver probiotic ice cream to kinder gardens, schools and pharmacy chains, and will do direct sales with our support in product promotion, communication and sales models.


Gutkevich Anastasia