Be Better Hotels

We help independent hoteliers to strenghten their business in the digital age of the travel industry, providing them an integrated set of cloud-based tools that allows them to manage their online marketing and daily operations.
We bring our clients the access to a technology they would not be able to develop with their own resources, in order to fortify their competitive position in the hotel industry landscape.
We are different because: 1) we reduce friction in the supplier side integrating hotel technologies in only one platform, 2) we provide the first mobile app to manage operations and marketing for busy hotel owners and managers (highly valued in emerging markets with poor traditional internet access), 3) we create synergy with a hotelier community, that provides much more than tech tools.
With our services, hoteliers can:
a) receive online direct reservations, saving the high commissions they pay to intermediaries
b) easily build and update self-managed websites, optimizing conversion and saving time and money they pay to web designers
c) manage hotel daily operations with efficiency
d) take strategic decisions based on key performance indicators, avoiding “trial and error” strategy
e) distribute room prices and availability in several online sales channels, saving time and expanding its market reach
f) monitor guest reviews that affects their online reputation
g) share knowledge and experiences with peers


Diego Bolettieri - Calixto Carbone