Badge List

Badge List helps educators and employers use web-based badges to create maps of learning spaces which guide students and let them get recognized for their achievements. Each badge is backed by expert reviews and a portfolio of evidence.

Educators and employers begin by creating a group to represent their course or their organization. They then create badges to represent key skills and achievements. Each badge contains a list of learning evidence which is required in order to earn the badge.

Badge seekers who join the group are able to post learning evidence to their badge portfolios. Each portfolio is then reviewed by badge awarders and the badge is issued.

Awarded badges appear on a user’s badge profile where they can be shared with employers or other interested parties. Each badge links to the full badge portfolio including the reviews of the badge awarders. All badges are fully compatible with Mozilla’s Open Badge standard ensuring portability to other systems.


Hank Holiday (CEO / CTO) Ben Roome

PhD (Chief Learning Officer)