Ayudantee is the marketplace where college students can find tutors and have online classes.
After studying in college and doing several tutories, the founders of Ayudantee realised that there exists mostly two types of students:
– The students that needs help in some classes
– The students that have potential to be tutors.
For them, to reach outside the classroom is really difficult, because they don’t have enough time to find each other between the studying for the other classes and the travels to College.
For them, Ayudantee is the marketplace where they can find each other, and have online classes in our virtual classrooms that allow them to share screen, videocall, share files, and use a virtual whiteboard.

For the students, we only select the best tutors, and track every class in order to guarantee the best results, and for the tutors, they can earn money and we give professional references when they’re looking for new jobs.

Currently, we’ve done over 1800 hours of classes, with a 96% of success of our students, and we’re closing partnerships with 3 colleges.
We hope to expand to Argentina, Mexico and Peru, to start creating the biggest College Tutoring Network in Latin America.


Guillermo von Kretschmann

Nicolás Chávez