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Start-Up Chile will open a new application process between May 5th until May 26th, where startups from all over the world can be part of Start-Up Chile 14th generation, this time there’s a twist. The new application process is attracting world class entrepreneurs in the fields of Robotics, Healthcare, Biotech, Clean Energy & Education.


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SANTIAGO, Chile. May 2015 – Startups from all over the globe may apply to Start-Up Chile from May 5th to May 26th.


This time, Start-Up Chile is not just looking for global entrepreneurs, but it’s now also calling for startups in Robotics, Healthcare & Biotech, Clean Energy and Education. Simply because we think that the next global challenges and opportunities are going to be in these areas.


We believe that building these companies isn’t a thing of the future. Robotic solutions are no longer a fantastical glimpse of what might be. The age where we solve global issues, work, and live alongside robots has began and we want to bring it to LatAm.


We firmly believe that we’re in an age that not only robots can improve our lives, but that there’s a huge opportunity in reducing health procedure costs and preventing illnesses. Specially when we look at wearables, the internet of things, and plain simple software that can improve the health of others.


Even though technology has gone a long way, we haven’t been able to makes substantial changes in education. We can see sorts of solutions that help the learning process, expand opportunities to those in need. That is why we can bring startups that can take education to the next level in the developing world.


But don’t forget, Start-Up Chile is also admitting startups from all sorts of industries into the program.


The companies selected into the program will receive 20 million pesos (about US$ 35,000) to grow their business, a working visa for a year to come to Chile and access to the biggest startup community in the world to accelerate the startup. They will also have the chance to apply to Scale –if significant traction is demonstrated– extending operations for another year.


As a requirement, the entrepreneurs must remain in the country for at least 6 months during the program and help to spread the entrepreneurial spirit participating in social activities and sharing their experiences.


To apply, startups founders should go to  and follow the instructions. they must read the Terms & Conditions and the FAQ section to better understand how the process work. They can also send an e-mail to for more information and specifics questions about the processes.


During May, Start-Up Chile team members and its champion entrepreneurs will host Meetups around the world spreading the word and answer all the questions about how the program works.


The companies will be reviewed by a group of innovation experts, investors, entrepreneurs and by a entrepreneurship subcommittee at Corfo (the Chilean Economic Development Agency). Applicants will be notified of the results by the beginning of August 2015.



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