Startup that prevents women’s chronicle disease wins the First place in the Pitch Finale of Start-Up Chile


Life Drop, a Mexican startup that detects vaginal infections through a panty liner, was crowned as the big winner of the second version of Female Circle, an event that celebrates the 10th generation of The S Factory program.

The best entrepreneurs of The S Factory in Start-Up Chile presented their pitch on Thursday before a large audience at Co-Work Latam. This program is for startups led by people who identify with the female gender, with less than 12 months of development. 

The Female Circle is a place that brought together leading speakers and the Final Pitch of the 13 startups the last generation of TSF10, where the first places were awarded 1,300, 650 and 130 USD approx respectively

The event featured top-level speakers: Leah Edwards, entrepreneurship and Innovation expert, Professor at UC Berkeley, and former Director of the Stanford Entrepreneurship Center; and Madeleine Valderrama, Industrial Civil Engineer and Master in Technology from the University of Chile. Co-founder of Boss, La Dresseria, and BeHope.

The winning pitch of the day was Life Drop, a startup that detects vaginal infections through the use of panty liner, where microspheres change color according to the condition discovered.

The second place was for Bioshelter, which developed a technology to introduce bacteria into edible seeds and to any product on the market that has seeds. And the third place was for Wibo, a mobile engagement platform for everyday restaurants and retailers with solutions like Grab & Go and Self-Service. 

The big surprise of the day was that all the entrepreneurs and startups of the generation were awarded the extension of 6500 USD approx to continue with the Start-Up Chile program for the development of their project.