Startup Company El Teatro to Participate in Chilean Film Festival

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El Teatro, a Start-Up Chile participant from Los Angeles, California has just been accepted into the Industry Forum in the Santiago International Film Festival (SANFIC), that will take place from the 19th-27th of August.  Noah Ornstein, CEO of El Teatro, explains the partnership saying, “El Teatro has been working with filmmakers throughout Latin America and in the United States on a new platform for film distribution, which we hope to debut at SANFIC 7.”

Participating in international film festivals is an essential part of El Teatro’s collaboration with filmmakers and industry professionals as they are working to provide filmmakers greater access to theaters and audiences.  El Teatro offers carefully curated filmed entertainment, including feature films, short films, documentaries and experimental interactive films from Chile and around the world.  El Teatro also provides a platform  for people to discuss, collaborate, and socialize around these events while emphasizing the work of local filmmakers and supporting a thriving film-loving community.

In seventh annual film festival, producers, directors, film critics, and actors will converge with audiences and gather around the most recent and important local and international productions, giving Santiago and the country a unique instance full of quality and currency. The festival features two film competitions: international, including movies from around the world, and a Chilean film competition, featuring the most recent local productions.