Start-up Chile In One Word: ‘Dough’, the wonder ingredient that you can turn into many delicious foods



This article is by Morgan from Gift Pinpoint 7.2.


Lets say, hypothetically, someone asked you to summarize Start-Up Chile in one word. What word would you choose?

Of course, this is a common question you get every day!

My word would be… dough (“masa,” in Spanish.)

How so? In a few ways:

First, some foods you are just given — and they taste delicious. You give me an ave-palta sandwich and I’ll love it, I’ll be in heaven, bliss!

Start-Up Chile, unfortunately, is not like that. Instead, it is more like a base ingredient you are given — that if you eat directly, takes a bit disgusting.

But here’s the incredible thing about dough: you can then cook it and turn it into many different incredible foods.

You want an ave-palta sandwich? YOu can make that from dough (at least the bread part of it — you always need to add in something else.)

You want to make an amazing French pastry dessert? You can do that with dough!

You want to make a pizza? You need dough for the base!

Dough, in other words, is just like Start-Up Chile. It is not an amazing food you are given. Rather, it is an ingredient that you can then use to turn into anything else you want!

Here’s a problem that many people I’ve met have with Start-Up Chile: they just eat the dough directly. And it tastes bad. I would vomit if I just ate dough directly!

But… there’s a theory of evolution that, it is the agricultural revolution in the neolithic era, about 10,000 years ago, that led to modernity. Dough is what has allowed so many other amazing things to happen.

Start-Up Chile is, in a more humble way, a base ingredient to lots of other amazing things. They don’t give you something wonderful — they give you the ingredients you need in order to build something wonderful, or even change the world.