Startup Accelerated: The Chile Experience, by Paige Brown

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Paige Brown, CEO of Tripeezy, was the third entrepreneur to arrive to Chile to participate in the Start-Up Chile program after having graduated with an MBA from Vanderbilt University. Having landed in Santiago on September 30th, 2010, she traveled the country from North to South developing her mobile- and web-based travel company which evolved month after month adding innovative features and modifying the finite details. She has since returned to her native Austin, Texas where she will continue to fine-tune Tripeezy.

From her blog she recounts her time in Start-Up Chile and bids farewell to the program:

I know its been ages since i’ve updated this blog. This is partially due to recent work and travel. We launched the new Tripeezy site just a couple of weeks ago and I spent most of March flying across oceans for conferences. All in all it was a very successful month and i’m extremely happy with the results.

And so it brings me to the end of my current time in Chile. I am amazed at how quickly time has flown over the past six months and can not believe its already the end of my Start Up Chile grant. As I did when I left Germany, I wanted to reflect on everything over the past times in Chile over the last year and a half.

From the north to the south, Chile is a diverse and amazing. I’ve climbed volcanoes and glaciers, swam in the saltiest lake on the earth, seen stars as far as the sky can go…well you get the point, amazing adventures. Lets just say, i’m a major fan of Chile and it has a lot to offer. To me, its like an undiscovered paradise of travel, tranquility and adventure all in one.


The people in Chile are welcoming and eager to learn from other cultures. From the first time I stepped into my class in Universidad Catolica back in January 2010, I have been overwhelmed by the friendship and connections I have made with Chileans and foreigners living in Chile. I am so lucky to have come back to Chile on the Start-Up Chile program this October to spend a full 6 months in Santiago.

In that time I grew my friendships with old acquiantances as well as developed so many more. I have no doubt as I move forward with this venture and others in the future that I will continue to keep my contacts in Chile and work with them on projects. In addition, I look forward to many of my friends coming to visit me wherever it is in the world that I finally land.

I have grown as a person over the past six months, there’s something about really putting yourself out there and giving it a good go. Entrepreneurship is everything I expected it to be and nothing I expected it to be…if that makes any sense. Working on what I love has been challenging, rewarding and overwhelming at times, but I know now this is what I am supposed to be doing with my life. I’m indebted to Start Up Chile forever for giving me the chance to take my project from idea to reality and believing in Tripeezy.

So I am not sure where life will take me at this point. As usual I’m doing my best to go with the flow and let the world guide me to the next adventure.