StartBull Stock Simulator Launches Alpha Product

Projects & Participants

StartBull, a 2011 Start-Up Chile participant comprised of Santiago, Juan David, Eduardo, and Juan Pablo all from Bogotá Colombia, launched today the alpha version of their startup, StartBull– a capital market network. The platform offers a stock stimulator, with over 1,000 stocks corresponding to the primary Latin American markets: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, México, and Peru, along with a currency trade simulator of the world’s main currencies.

StartBull’s alpha version will offer users free access to both the stock and currency simulators, portfolio management systems, their market thermometer, messages, forums, news, and the ability to create a personal profile. Their vision is to develop a global community to gather, share, and compare all the relevant information about capital markets, promoting a learning environment and information democratization.

The team, the youngest of all Start-Up Chile participants, says that they believe that “StartBull will change the common belief that investing in the capital market is an exclusive activity reserved for a small group of people, giving the opportunity to anyone interested in learning how to invest.”

To see their platform, visit and see below for their video pitch: