Start-Up Chile´s first Google+ Hangouts


This is *The Dream*: a chat where you can have multiple people on screen asking questions to an interviewee. Today, at Start-Up Chile we will have our first Google Hangout: Bridgette Sexton, from Google, will be our interviewee, several entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to ask her questions online, while we all watch the session. Join us! We´ll be online starting at 9.30 am, and the Hangout itself starts at 10am sharp!

We will be online HERE!

Who will be online? Bridgette Sexton, from Google; Cristina Palacios, from Aventones; Andrew Cross, from Goosechase; Salvador de la Barrera, from Flipter; Robert Blessing, from LocalGuiding; and Naysawn Naderi, from ArtSumo. Don´t miss out on this!