Start-Up Chile’s application process is open! And we are traveling the world to let you know more


It’s ON, friends! Stop procrastinating RIGHT NOW because Start-Up Chile’s last application process of 2013 is now open! If you’d like to get equity-free 40k and join a community of +750 talented founders, now is the time! You have less than a month to apply to compete with hundreds of entrepreneurs form around the globe to get a chance to join the Start-Up Chile family. Submit your application before October 1st HERE. 

You probably have heard that more than 8500 startups have applied to Start-Up Chile, and just +750 got a chance at this life-changing opportunity. To make things easier, the Start-Up Chile alumni are hosting meetups around the world: there is a big chance that we are hosting a meetup in your town. Make sure to benefit from this opportunity: you’ll get to ask your questions directly to someone with strong ties to the program, and submitting a great application will be for sure easier after such a conversation. Below you’ll find a list of meetups: are we visiting your city? If not, email us at and we’ll see what we can do!

Scheduled Meetups:

Berkeley, CA, USA: Sept 10th

Santa Clara, CA, USA: Sept 10th

Belo Horizonte, Brazil: Sept 11th

San Francisco, CA, United States: Sept 11th

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Sept 15th

Kaptar, Budapest: Sept 17th

New York, NY, United States: Sept 17th

Austix, TX, United States: Sept 23rd

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Sept 24th

Gualtar, Portugal: Sept 24th

Turin, Italy: Sept 24th

Madrid, Spain: Sept 25th

Hyderabad, India: Sept 25th

Los Angeles, CA: Sept 27th

Montevideo, Uruguay: Sept 27th

Milano, Italy: Sept 27th

St Petesburg, Russia: Sept 28th

Milano, Italy: October 1st