Start-Up Chile welcomes its 22nd Seed generation and its 2nd Huella Generation


Thanks to equity-free funds, mentors’ expertise, investors’ networks, and many more benefits, 73 start-ups will have a unique opportunity to take it their business to the next level.

From July 17th, Latin America’s best accelerator will have new members. As 61 new startups of the Seed program will make their best to scale beyond Chile’s borders, 12 companies will grow businesses whose objectives will combine profit and sustainability. Coming from 26 countries, this new batch is to confirm Start-Up Chile’s companies’ diversity.

Of this new portfolio, the most represented industries are with 26% IT & Software, with 14% Health and Biotech and 11% in Education and Culture. In terms of diversity per country, 30% of startups are founded by Chileans, while 70% by foreigners, where Argentina predominates with 15%, India with 9% and the United States with 8%.

Seed and Huella startups will receive 25 million pesos (USD $ 40,000 app), a complete 6-month acceleration process, which includes boards, pitch training, and workshops among other activities, and full access to a network of mentors, companies, investors, global partners, and alumni. Foreigners also will receive a work visa for one year so they can grow their business from Chile.

In addition, the best startups of each of the programs will be able to apply for an extension to access another 25 million pesos to stay in Chile doing business.

Thanks to Huella 1’s success, Start-Up Chile decided for this time and onwards, to open the program to foreigners. If 50% of this generation is made of Chilean companies, it also welcomes entrepreneurs from Latin America (Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina) and further horizons (India, USA).

The next application process for the Seed G23 program will be from July 30th to August 27th of 2019. Huella’s 3rd Generation’s application process will take place in 2019’s second semester.


Huella 2 Startups

Boki is an innovative digital application that has educational contents, segmented by area of knowledge and by academic year. It includes challenging activities and exercises, that help kids to learn while enjoying, in a didactic, playful and interactive way at school or at home.

BRAVE UP! is an organization that foresees, teaches, measures and eases the detection of school bullying and cyberbullying. Through talks, workshops, and technology, BRAVE UP! promotes communication within the school to increase the participation of all actors. Its program is in fact dedicated to students, teachers and supervisory staff in general.

CAECUSLab makes life easier for families including people with visual disabilities increasing their autonomy and self-esteem. It contributes to social and professional integration through the use of intelligent glasses communicating the presence of obstacles, allowing disabled people to use their smartphones and easing contact with their relatives in case of help needed.

Chakr has created an innovative technology, called Chakr Shield, to solve the problem of ambient air pollution. It’s a device which is retro-fitted to the exhaust of a diesel generator, thereby, capturing 70-90% of the particulate matter that is being emitted. This captured PM is then converted into ink pigments to provide everybody with readable results.

IMEKO is the first Chilean company dedicated to the recycling and reuse of cigarettes fag-ends. From a scientific method, the startup has developed a new technological process to convert this very polluting substance into a reusable material. This will require a process bringing private and public actors to collect and recondition what is today considered waste.

Key2enable Assistive Technology provides autonomy, learning, privacy, and quality of life to people with physical and intellectual disabilities. Its Key-x Smart keyboard gives handicapped individuals the ability to write and navigate on any computer or smartphone. Key2enable’s educational platform also provides audio-visual activities to any cognitive level.

Noteikin pro is a braille writing pen that allows people with visual disabilities to listen to notes, transfer them to smartphones or computers in standard text. As an example, a blind child writes in braille, his teacher and parents can see the notes in standard text, help them in their homework and support them at school.

Radar is a platform that empowers schools through the use of analytics. It does it through the delivery of a user–a friendly web platform that measures workshops, school absenteeism, marks, lessons and more. Thanks to this information, it suggests schools’ staff take action on recurrent problems and helps them in providing students with an optimized education.

Remote Waters provides low-cost water purification systems with fast set-up for populations with limited access to potable water.

Seguel Robotics produces educational kits to teach Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Robotic and electronic completed with an online platform. Based on the STEM methodology, this startup aims to equip students with basic technological knowledge.

Urban Experiment is the first software that measures the efficiency of urban investments aimed at reducing insecurity. Through the use of Big-Data and the participation of individuals, it helps the public and the private sector to make evidence-based decisions improving its profitability, reducing costs and set-up time.

Wastist is a SaaS company improving waste collection and city cleaning operations by providing high technology and environmentally friendly solutions. Wastist uses sensors to make predictions based on real-time data. Algorithms create daily efficient routes to the vehicles that collect waste. In this way the collection points visited during the day are reduced and routes are shortened.

Seed G22 Startups

AgroInteli is an IoT solution that organizes, analyzes, and links information combining, field sensors data and satellite image processing based on cloud computing, big data, and analytics to generate information and recommendations in decision making to the farmer. makes the best of the abundance of thousands of miles which are most of the time not used. is a collaborative platform which connects individuals that have thousands of unused miles with others that are looking to travel at a discounted price.

Anuka (seaweed in Kichwa) is a company using micro seaweeds from Ecuador to reduce the presence of CO2 in the environment.Anuka designs build and implement biological filters to depollute efficiently. An Anuka torre absorbs a hundred times more C02 than a tree, uses little space, does not generate any visual impact and produces biomass for several uses.

Astrek Innovations produces a lower-limb exoskeleton, aids patients with walking disabilities perform therapy and simple utilitarian tasks. Its device incorporates sensors and motion-analysis to recognize walking patterns. It intends to provide paraplegics a comfortable walk to toilets and utilities in indoor environments. This reduces complex terrain variations, bringing costs down.

Barracks is an analytics software dedicated to gamers with a focus on professionalizing the E-Sport industry, by improving games quality (teams or individuals, professionals or amateurs) and helping users to make better decisions and knowing more about games.

BdIn improves communication within healthcare. Its software improves interoperability within and between health systems. BdIn is developing a digital space that allows for intelligent decisions affecting healthcare. Its real-time updates ensure that everyone involved in individuals healthcare has up-to-date information.

Betriax is a platform that empowers companies in Latin America through the democratization of the exchange rate formation. Companies gather and offer different positions of volume and rates creating multiple equilibria in a spot foreign exchange market. Betriax injects transparency and efficiency in a 100% banked and digital market.

Bitmec is a digital health system that delivers quality, affordable medical care to underserved rural areas. The system consists of three pillars that are connected through an interactive web portal: patients in rural communities; a network of itinerant community health workers; a network of remote doctors connected to the portal.

Bussi is a mass transit system technology which is able to deliver mobility solutions to customers through high-capacity vehicles from partners. We sell commute tickets in a mobile app earning a percentage of each. We growth with operational partners, governments, cities and private networks.

Cárbula is a technology-based company that makes selling and buying used cars an easy experience. It takes the pain out of buying and selling cars by taking care of the entire process for customers and users. is an enterprise AI platform to implement vertical targeted products build on top of our proprietary deep learning innovations across domains like Retail, Travel, and others. It is being used by companies to deploy customer experience personalization, demand forecasting, pricing intelligence service to more than 250M customers.

Cuni Recy wants to eradicate the underground confinement of anodic sludge and damage to ecosystems by reversing that practice by implementing the circular business model to the metal-mining industry.

DMLABS automates patient’s evaluations for physical therapists, through portable cloud-connected diagnostic devices, provided on a Hardware as a Service business model.

Donatero is a social enterprise which provides an easy and efficient way to contribute to social good, for companies and individuals. It helps users to convert their goods, talents to funds for NGO projects via a mobile marketplace.

Ebers is a company that combines smart insoles, who have and an array of pressure and temperature sensors, with deep learning algorithms of anomalies detection to prevent amputation on diabetic people in an early and cheap way.

ElmarQR is a cloud-based asset intelligence, audit & lifecycle management platform which helps in digitization, streamlining and lifecycle management of all assets from acquisition to retirement across multiple users, departments, categories or locations within an organization.

Equal Reality creates diversity and inclusion training in virtual reality (VR). Its VR experiences allow its customers to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” to learn what it is like to experience discrimination or inappropriate behavior, then practice making decisions and rehearsing behaviors in a risk-free simulation of real life.

Genia is a digital DNA-based personal health platform providing accurate and tailored solutions that help people save time, money, and prevent diseases.

Got It is a visual picking and packing system through the use of augmented reality lenses, a solution for warehouse logistics and distribution center.

Guara helps companies bond with their customers through the automatic regionalization of texts. It personalizes digital products to fit the Hispanic market through language. Its API overcomes spelling and typing mistakes & it translates between dialects, including gender-inclusive language, saving companies valuable time & resources.

Güeno facilitates credit access for consumers by connecting small & medium businesses websites to several financial providers. The potential clients find the best loan available for their needs and requirements in seconds. Increasing sales for our partners and saving time and money for their clients.

Guilty is a subscription service that helps women to choose their clothes by allowing them to create a rotating closet of everyday-wear items that they can rent, use, and return for a flat monthly fee.

Human Hotel aims to achieve a combination between Airbnb and Tinder by matching guests with local and like-minded hosts based on social and professional interests through a dynamic accommodation platform.

HyperLinq aggregates prices from all major digital assets exchanges from across the globe. It also provides low latency order routing for trade executions on the best available price.

Interview Camp helps software developers land the best tech jobs. It is an Online Bootcamp to prepare software engineers for interviews at big tech companies. It includes extensive course material, weekly office hours, guest speakers and a dedicated community to connect developers to software companies.

Entrekids is a self-managed platform that brings users and providers together in one place. The users can find, book and pay activities published by our providers. On the other hand, it’s a complete digitization tool that incorporates an online sales channel in a marketplace, electronic tickets, price and promotion tools.

Kredify is an invoice discounting marketplace helping businesses gain quick access to working capital in 24 to 72 hours by selling their unpaid receivables while providing investors with an opportunity to earn low-risk high returns through a unique short-term investment.

Kriptos prevents data leakage by enabling businesses to locate their most critical information through sophisticated software that analyzes, classifies and labels documents automatically using Artificial Intelligence.

Lingvo is a sign language interpreter based on artificial intelligence algorithms that’s able to close the communication gap between service providers and the deaf community around the world in a fluent and natural way.

Loro is a personalized companion for wheelchair users to navigate safely and to communicate efficiently. It has a plug-and-play device controlled by an app that mounts to any wheelchair and offers its occupants the ability to see and interact with the people and things around them in powerful ways.

Mandü helps organizations empower their leaders and build better teams through talent management software. Its web and mobile platforms provide a wide range of tools in order to improve employee engagement, teams’ performance, and leaders’ development.

Mobbex helps millions of merchants to sell more by accepting cards faster, easier and cheaper than ever before.

Nextonia designs solutions based on Facial Recognition, IoT and AI to make companies aware of the behavior of customers who visit their physical spaces, empowering the information obtained with real-time experiences to impact and influence purchasing decisions and improve service and increase sales.

Novocall helps businesses to recover potential lost sales by capturing, qualifying and connect web visitors with a new digital call solution.

Optiroute is a route optimization platform that defines the most efficient delivery route with an AI algorithm. It allows the improvement of the relationship with the final customer, significant savings of time and money with Blockchain technology to ensure traceable and safe data.

Predict Vision is an AI Healthtech startup developing the most complete deep learning platform for medical imaging that supports doctors diagnose decision, assuring the patients get the correct diagnosis and the right treatment as early as possible. is a virtual library software for publishers, universities and companies, to distribute their publications without intermediaries by creating their own virtual library and controlling every aspect of it from uploading, customization to distribution and commercialization of the digital publications.

RedFenix is a Wireless Internet Network in collaboration with users and venues. It turns anyone with internet into a Micro ISP. It makes people saving money online on data consumption and helps people make money sharing their connection.

PRACKR is a customer collaboration tool that enables businesses to complete workflow transactions faster by connecting customers & staff on a single SaaS platform. This novel structure completes the workflow cycle with acknowledgment, real-time updates with validation & Feedback. It was built this for B2C, C2B, C2G, C2C & more.

Road.Travel finds road trip scenarios in the marketplace or plan with the help of A.I., customizes and books multiple travel services with one button. When a customer is in a car, the infotainment system will know everything about his journey, with autonomous cars to become interactive personal travel guides.

Robin is an educational methodology that teaches kids financial literacy and real-life skills through games. The platform also matches schools’ curricula to reinforce class topics through their games so kids can practice homework while playing.

Sensegrass makes a smart farming solution for fertilizer management and detects crop diseases. It allows increasing crop yield with water control tools for all kinds of farms through patented IoT and AI algorithm.

Shippista is a trusted community marketplace for people to be able to shop from anywhere in the world. Shippista hosts help shoppers from all around the world to have a local address in every country and shop conveniently like there are no borders.

Sistec provides solutions to your packing house traceability and administration issues.

SiTienda is an E-Commerce platform that provides the easiest way to create and manage an online store. It contains all the necessary tools to manage sales, products, and customers. SiTienda also shows statistics about payments and sold products. Moreover, SiTienda has integrated almost all payment gateways in Latin America.

Skipy is a simple gaming kit build around a mixed reality that plugs in any tablet or a mobile, instantly turning it in a toy for creative playing.

Smart Doctor is a web and mobile platform that allows companies to offer their employees immediate medical attention through chat with artificial intelligence, video calls and medical assistance in the workplace through geolocation, reducing work absenteeism, identifying and treating acute illnesses early and giving control and monitoring to chronic diseases.

Speedyman is the first fulfilment and shipping system that uses the subway as its main form of transport. It offers same-day shipping service and the option to receive your package at an exact time while also making it the cheapest option to deliver goods in cities.

Spicedr is the first autonomous, safe & environmentally responsible façade cleaning robot disrupting the facility management industry.

SPOT is the first startup in Central America that creates solutions based on Artificial Intelligence with Computer Vision. VISION by SPOT is a SaaS created to be a tool that allows to increase sales, improve the customer experience and augment the productivity of companies through Facial Recognition and Vehicle Recognition.

Storkall created the concept “Crowd Storage”, a collaborative economy where it uses the idle spaces of ordinary people to store products in areas close to the customers of the PyMEs.

Tap2Pay is the platform to accept online payments for SMB with a high conversion rate in digital channels: websites, social networks, popular messengers. It provides secure, seamless buying experience in 2 clicks via express checkout widget without redirection, registration. A merchant could sell from a FB post or an Instagram profile.

Teleker provides all the telehealth services in one platform. It integrates measurements from medical devices, smart watches, and smart bands and provides video consultations with the TV and mobile. It sends medication reminders, education videos, and program exercising and diets. It also implements a cognitive virtual assistant and a secure environment with blockchain.

The Everywhere Office helps flexible teams work in the way they are most productive by giving access to workspaces to focus, collaborate and innovate throughout the city, reducing the rent of unnecessary office space.

Toolyt is an intelligent Personal Assistant for salespeople, to increase productivity with the help of intelligent automation and actionable insights. More than 300 KPIs can be configured or prioritized, to accelerate the frontline sales team with the help of AI and gamification.

TourOpp allows travelers to book tours and activities around the world with discounts. It connects customers to tour operators’ booking systems and use Artificial Intelligence to help increase their occupation and revenue on the empty spaces left on these tours, that travelers can take advantage of.

UserGuiding helps companies to improve product adoption by designing interactive guides and result-oriented walkthroughs without coding. By using our UI, non-technical product staff can create interactive tutorials, in-app messages, and reusable guides.

Werpi’s app allows people looking for a parking spot to compare prices among different options and easily book the most convenient one paying it with his favorite payment method. Werpi is the largest parking network in Argentina without having any parking.

Wonderlab S.A. offers an experience design lab that strives to thrill people through art and technology. It brings the digital world to live entertainment and enhance the audience experience.

WriteBetter is a software tool to improve English writing skills through exposure to real and authentic linguistic data produced by qualified speakers of English. WriteBetter has 5 functions to assist the writing process: contexts, structures, dictionary, translator, and grammar checker. All these are integrated into the word processor.