Start-Up Chile welcomes 30 new startups for its pre-acelerator program

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After the third application processes the Chilean accelerator chose 124 new startups to be part of the programs The S Factory and Seed.



The Start-Up Chile program, The S Factory (pre-accelerator for global and female-led startups that want to use Chile as a platform to grow), selected 30 startups to be part of the 3rd generation. “The 30 new female entrepreneurs selected for this generation are particularly high-rated in terms of the quality of their concept stage ideas and in terms of their educational background, many studied at universities such as Cambridge, Duke and Georgia Institute of Technology, so we know they have a lot to contribute to the rest of the group”, says Patricia Hansen, Executive Director of The S Factory.


The s Factory Industries


In this opportunity, 43% of the selected women were Chilean entrepreneurs, followed by 13% coming from the US and 7% from Colombia. The most represented industry was health and biotech with 20% followed by e-commerce and education (both with 13%). “We observed that this year the number of Asian participants increased and, for the first time, we will have representatives from the Philippines and Vietnam”, adds Hansen.


The S Factory Countries


The entrepreneurs selected for The S Factory must live in Chile for at least 3 months. Also, the  startups will be able to continue in the program and apply to Seed.


Rocío Fonseca, Executive Director of Start-Up Chile, says this new selection clearly meets the expectations of the program: “We have noticed a significant increase in the talent of the applicants and the quality of the projects. We are focused on improving in this matter and we are receiving amazing ideas and very qualified entrepreneurs”, she said.


The next application process for Start-Up Chile TSF will open on July 4th 


The S Factory 3rd Generation




Public Description

Parasym Health Parasym Health is an institution backed bioelectric medical device company that provides an innovative new treatment for chronic diseases. Our treatment has applications to over a dozen conditions, without any of the side effects of conventional pharmaceuticals and can be provided at a fraction of the cost.


M3A We seek to build an apparatus to determine the population of microfractures present in materials. It can be applied to the mining industry, in blasting, to predict energy reduction requirements in comminution operation, or in construction industry for checking-up building materials while constructing or after unexpected events (earthquake, etc).


Mobilify Mobilify is a Software as a Service (Saas) that enables organizations to unleash the value of merging mobile location technology and crowdsourced microtasking.  Mobilify’s innovative platform allows organizations to perform market research and obtain market intelligence with unprecedented speed, accuracy and efficiency.


DECORÈ PLACE Online decoration platform that groups different decoration stores, so that clients can search for decoration
products in one place and can purchase online (e-commerce). The key value proposition is give them the chance of simulate home spaces with products available for sale (“Try it on Tech”). 
Just Because (Flores Porque Sí) Just Because (Flores Porque Sí) enables consumers to send designer bouquets of flowers for under $30. The online storefront, mobile tracking and video messaging platform ensure that customers know their loved ones have received the perfect bunch of flowers. Now customers can send flowers “just because”.


Heka According to WHO,60 Million people live with mental illness in India where talking about it is taboo. We want to change that, first with India and then globally. This starts with providing a 3 tiered service offering that connects people with counselors, caregivers and peers-Self Help, Peer and Professional Support.


Slicar Carsharing The Uber for short-term vehicle rental.  People can rent vehicles for short periods of time, often by the hour, with many locations in their city and they only need one time subscription to booking a vehicle anytime they need. We are an alternative to buy a car.


SmartBridge Businesses want access to excellent health and life science expertise when it’s needed, flexibility in terms of how to engage specialized experts, and at a price that delivers great value.

SmartBridge was created to connect businesses with top health and life science experts on a freelance basis.


Humblee Humblee connects brands to a curated network of freelance videographers, motion graphics artists, and producers to create marketing videos.


TEIA – Transforming Emigration into Action TEIA is an online marketplace where companies/entrepreneurs who want to explore new markets can hire the services of expatriates (fellow countrymen) who have a specific knowledge about the industry/country they are working/living in.


GoGoGuest dba Dial IQ, Inc. We’re building a cloud and mobile retail solutions combining access, payments and experience all in one merchant  platform. With GoGoGuest, quick serve retailers will have the ability to grow their daily revenue by up to 40%.


sLab S-Lab is a multi-sensor stake that measures soil health and water quality in order to provide instant feedback for soil treatment. The farmer will receive quick results, data storage, easy understanding of outputs through an interface, and a guide for soil treatment including proper products and techniques.


Virtuality Virtuality is willing to improve the life quality in patients who have suffered cerebrovascular accidents and help them to achieve a partial rehabilitation by using games which can make their rehab a less exhausting process taking them out of a regular rehabilitation place and putting them in different virtual worlds.


Easy Blue Energy Easy Blue Energy develops bio-gas equipment for small to medium scale bio-gas producers to allow for this renewable energy source to be easily distributed and accessible.


Idoia De Brito Isasi Yoga for kids through augmented reality with 3D animation, seeks to teach and give children the real benefits of yoga and meditation through an interactive, different, dynamic and fun way.


conectifi For people living in underserved/unserved urban and rural areas, Conectifi makes it possible to have fast, unlimited and affordable internet using a proven decentralized model.


BodyQ BodyQ is a mobile and desktop application that uses body scanning technology to collect and analyze users’ body data. It personalizes a user’s wardrobe and online shopping experience based on their anthropometric data and personal style by creating the perfect shoppable “lookbook”.


Dentistcontrol Dentistcontrol provides dental product suppliers a place to sell their products in an easy way to dentists, with the right information in one place. Where dentists also ask for quotes from a smartphone or computer instantly to a wide range of suppliers and they compete to make the best offer.


Data Campfire A community platform where people can learn about data through quality stories of people using data and
showing the steps of how solutions were made. It shows what possibilities there are and gives access to
resources of open data sets, tools and a network of peers 
PsyFun PSYFUN is an integrative platform that assists the child therapist to deliver better interventions for the client and
thefore obtain better results. By providing fun games to the youngster, the platform generates information that are handed out to the therapist increasing the chances of an effective treatment. 
Digital Jobs Digital Jobs is a platform that connects businesses with social media freelancers. Helps agencys, brands and startups to make their online strategies, content, desing and much more.


All In Action All in Action is a worldwide mentoring platform for early stage social innovation ideas. It’s an open innovation platform that allow the social entrepreneur be part of community to share, collaborate and improve their prototypes with the primary objective of taking any project to another level.


BizTies BizTies is business networking and match-making software including mobile application and web platform for companies to get in contact with potential partners through events, such as seminars, conferences, exhibitions and trade missions. BizTies will help to find the appropriate people, communicate before the event and effectively schedule the meetings.


Mu is an interactive toy for children between 3 and 6 years old inspired by the phenomenon of synesthesia. Mú widely stimulates the senses so children can create and challenge their creativity beyond the dimensional limits of conventional screens used today.


Monkey travel App that planifes and control the traveller budget, helping to estimate the periodic spend during trips; transportation, acommodation, feeding, tour, rent a car, etc, and this app give to the travellers the best recomendation acorde kind of traveller (backpacker, standard or luxury).


Bioseaweed We pretend to make natural fertilizer based on seaweed, mainly Ulva lactuca and Macrocystis pyrifera, for agronomic crop nutrition. The objective is to solve the lack of biofertilizers in a growing demand of agroecology and organic agriculture. The extraction of this seaweed will be by means of artesanal fisheries


CODING-U Game Mobile application that promotes the development of coding skills among children with integration of school curriculum. It includes projects that involve different subjects such as Math, Social Science, Natural Science and cibercitizenship.


CICADA CICADA is the first online peer-to-peer ticket marketplace in South East Asia. We are a community platform to help people resell tickets online easily and safe. Users can access CICADA to reach out to each other directly without interuption. Our dream is to make perfect product and service for community.


HotClick HotClick es un contenedor calentador de alimentos, tiene la capacidad de calentar los alimentos en 10 minutos de manera autónoma, es decir, sin ninguna otra fuente de energía. Este es reutilizable, sustentable y se adapta a la rutina de cada usuario.


Tuten Tuten is a biodegradable nail polish based in natural pigments and vegetal resins that stands out as an eco-friendly alternative without solvents or carcinogenics. It has a high density, excellent fixation, durability and a wide range of colors. Beauty and cosmetics into your hands in a natural way.