Start-Up Chile values: The Tribe


Start-Up Chile would be nothing if it weren’t for the awesome and well inspired entrepreneurs that make this community a vibrant one. Start-Up Chile supports talented people with great ideas, no matter where they come from, thus making people our first priority.

These series is about the Start-Up Chile values, as experienced by the suppers. They are going to share how are the Start-Up Chile values experienced on a day-to-day basis. Let´s kick the conversation off with testimonies about The Tribe.

June Avila, My Elephant Brain

“I am a first-time entrepreneur. Although I have worked with many startups doing market research for them, this was my first try at building a startup myself.

Startups are hard. But what what helps is being around others who are working towards the same goals. Start-up Chile brings entrepreneurs from all over the world to work together in one place. Everyone comes from diverse backgrounds and work experiences which means that you can always find someone willing to help guide you through any problems you face, whether they are business or technical issues.

When entrepreneurs share their knowledge and experience with less experienced entrepreneurs, the learning process for these new entrepreneurs accelerates and increases their likelihood of success. One example of this is the Pitch Tribe where I learned from one of my peers how best to deliver the story of my startup.

This ‘passing on’ of knowledge is essential for any startup community to succeed. At Start-up Chile there is a vibrant spirit of open communication and collaboration with others. I have learned much from this ‘tribe’ of people and they are a group that I will continue to learn from as I pursue future endeavours.

Alan VanToai,

“Money is great, South America is awesome, and Santiago is an amazing city. But, for us, none of those things are what makes Start-Up Chile so special.

For us, it’s the people. When you’re an entrepreneur in a normal community, you’re a special case. You’re a wildcard amidst a sea of normal people doing normal jobs with normal ambitions. There’s a special spark that makes you different, and while that’s a good thing, the opportunity to join hundreds of other entrepreneurs from around the world in Santiago for 6 months is just unbelievable.

In getting to know the hundreds of other entrepreneurs in the program, you realize that a truly unique balance has been struck: there’s an amazing diversity – with people representing dozens of countries and backgrounds and walks of life. But then there’s also this incredibly strong unifying factor – we’re all entrepreneurs. It’s a rare experience to be in such a community, and certainly tough to describe. All I can say is that we’re lucky to be a part of it”.

The Tribe, it’s what makes this program the experience of a lifetime”

Peter Newhook, My Elephant Brain

“Funding provided by Start-Up Chile is certainly important, but the most valuable resource is the wealth of knowledge from other entrepreneurs. Injecting 100 startups into a community every 3 months creates a tidal wave of experience and know-how that can be accessed by every member of the ecosystem. There is rarely a problem that hasn’t been solved by another team, and entrepreneurs are happy to help each other. Most days are spent inside the Centro Movistar Innova co-working space, which is alive with energy of founders creating new products and businesses. In that environment knowledge is passed almost by osmosis.

Start-Up Chile supports this collaboration by encouraging the ‘tribe’ system, forums for entrepreneurs to share experiences in marketing, technology, and finance. On any given day there are meetings to talk about best practices building mobile applications, laws and regulations for raising investment, strategies for selling into enterprises, and any other topic a startup may face on their journey. The breadth of backgrounds for Start-Up Chile participants is truly staggering. Access to this treasure trove of experience has been priceless building my startup.