Start-Up Chile values: nothing can stop you if you dare not to be square


Start-Up Chile would be nothing if it weren’t for the awesome and well inspired entrepreneurs that make this community a vibrant one. Start-Up Chile supports talented people with great ideas, no matter where they come from, thus making people our first priority.

These series is about the Start-Up Chile values, as experienced by the suppers. They are going to share how are the Start-Up Chile values experienced on a day-to-day basis. This week, we share how “Dare not to be square” is experienced.

Carolina Rossi, Social Impact Director at Start-Up Chile

Nothing can stop you if you dare not to be square… The Social Impact team has always been open to changes and to explore different ways of approaching to a variety of key players in the Chilean Ecosystem. We have receive many “no” and many of our proposals have been seen as crazy ideas. But we keep pushing and innovate. Some of our accomplishments so far:
We wanted to get into companies, so we created the Corporate Meetups.
We wanted to make meetups more fun, so we pivoted them to Demo Battles.
We wanted to gather together earlier for networlking, so we started the Open Coffees.
We wanted to get more “social”, so we began pitching to kids in vulnerable schools.
We wanted to impact Chile, so we created the National Meetup Day.
And I can go on….
We have changed the way we work more than seven times. We have tried, tried again and tried some more. Some things worked, others didnt. We pivot if we need to, we move faster if they ask us. But, more important than any of this, all of us deeply believe that RVA is a simple tool that is generating a exponential impact.
We will continue pushing, and will do whatever is needed in order to build a better ecosystem.