Start-Up Chile selects the first generation of the Growth expansion program


15 startups were selected to participate in Corfo’s public accelerator scaling program. These high-impact ventures will have access to co-financing with a ceiling of up to 60 million pesos and a 12-month support program. 

Santiago, September, 2020 – Having sales of more than one million dollars in the last year, growth plans to other markets and operations in Chile are the requirements of Start-Up Chile’s new financing line, which already has its pilot generation. Growth is the name of this new instrument that will empower 15 consolidated startups to stimulate the global market. 

These startups already have operations in Chile and are looking to scale up to new horizons. According to the metrics collected, among the industries that stand out the most are Financial Services (20%) and Agriculture and Natural Resources (20%); this group also concentrates a high presence of Chilean companies, reaching 86% of the total. 

Among the benefits of Growth are co-financing with a ceiling of up to 60 million pesos, access to mentoring sessions and local and international corporate networks, training in capital raising, and linkage with investment funds. Entrepreneurs will begin their 12-month support program on October 14th.

The selected start-ups are: 

Burn to Give: The first wellness, health, life insurance, and social impact platform is designed for organizations of all sizes seeking to improve their employees’ lives, productivity, and CSR. 

Capta Hydro: It develops and markets integrated IO hardware and software solutions for surface water management, consisting of innovative telemetry and automation equipment designs (patented) and complete water management software.

Colektia: First collection company based on LATAM’s Artificial Intelligence Using technology and with a focus on taking care of debtors, capable of recovering up to 80% more than traditional companies at 90% less cost.

Güeno: Online automation tool for customer registration. Companies can automate their registration process from start to finish in any channel, connecting more than 150 functions. 

Hacknoid: It’s a platform for searching, analyzing, and managing vulnerabilities that affect a company’s IT environment, in continuous mode, integrating all devices, and real-time alerts, enabling business continuity.

Houm: Reinvent the traditional way of leasing properties in Latin America, using technology and design to transform a bureaucratic and challenging process into a safe and fast experience for both the owner and the tenant.

Hora Fácil: A solution that solves the social problem of the waiting lines in the morning in public health using AI via telephone. It is currently implemented in 93 health centers in Chile, benefiting more than 2 million Chileans.

Instacrops: Virtual crop advisor integrates and packages a set of technologies to give farmers real-time recommendations using OR technologies, satellites, and drones that help increase yields by reducing operations and water consumption.

Listopro helps companies hire top talent for their most demanding (Digital) roles. By giving them immediate access to passive talent, already prequalified, company can interview candidates in 2 clicks and cut their hiring process by over 70%. is a marketplace specialized in the real estate land market. We offer a huge portfolio of land of different properties brokers, sellers and real estate companies, becoming Latam’s leading land website.

Rocketbot: It’s the most flexible RPA company in the market that allows companies to scale up their transformation process, allowing them to be faster and more agile.

ServiSenior: It uses gigs’ economics to create flexible work opportunities for the over-50s, connecting them with other people and businesses that need expert and reliable help to solve day-to-day operational and administrative challenges.

Smart Mining Coach: AI-enabled Digital Assistant capable of empowering better decisions for people in their respective mining roles, providing them with their shift objectives, a prediction of their goals, and a focus on operational and energy efficiency

Snuuper: Crowdsourcing technology platform allows companies to have real-time visibility of what is happening in thousands of points of sale and better understand consumer preferences and habits.

Welivery:  An urban logistics company that is transforming the way e-commerce sends packages and manages its logistics process daily allows anyone to obtain almost any product delivered on the same day or 24 hours.