Start-Up Chile SCALE welcomes 17 companies looking to expand in Latin America

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The third generation of SCALE entrepreneurs are ready to begin the program. Each startup will receive a grant of 60 million Chilean pesos (around USD 100,000) equivalent to 70% of the total investment (the remaining 30% coming from the companies’ contribution). The companies are increasing their sales with strong teams with their eyes focused on Latin America and global markets.


Santiago, Chile.- Seventeen companies will stay in Chile, after participating in the SEED program, for a full year to continue the growth momentum of their businesses. The SCALE program is equity free, but the founders must help the new round of startup companies that are coming to the country, by working in Start-Up Chile as a mentor for the duration of the program.

Government-supported Start-Up Chile aims to help bridge the post-accelerator venture funding gap in Latin America and partners with a number of venture capital funds with the aim of raising further rounds of private venture capital.

The companies will begin the program in October and, in order to expand their growth from Chile to Latin America, will have 12 months to spend their grant.

Meet the new, successful SCALE teams

DESTACAME.CL: Company that helps middle and lower socioeconomic segments to gain access to credit by using positive data gathered from credit-like services such as utilities and telecoms companies. allows users to find hundreds or recommended mechanics in only one step. It also allows users to find reliable mechanics and workshops at very reasonable prices, avoiding unnecessary repairs.

Parso: Parso is a company that provides Smart Parking Solutions for cities. We build technology that allows drivers to find and pay for parking spaces, while allowing local governments to improve street parking management and enforcement.

BananaDesk: BananaDesk is the complete Front Desk Solution (Property Management + Channel Management + Booking Solution + more) custom-built for over 50,000 hostels worldwide.

Meshh: Meshh measures the size of a market in Facebook in terms of active people.

The solution tracks every engaged person that interacts with your brand as well as your competitors in a certain market. With this information it calculates your brand penetration, the social media impact, and also your market share.

Anchor: Anchor is the on demand audio platform for Latin America. Listen to news, entertainment, and more through our app and website. From narrated articles to interviews, clips from radio shows to stand up comedy. Anchor is your go-to source of Spanish-language audio entertainment.

Nazar: Application Performance Starts with Database Analysis. NAZAR is a performance monitoring tool specially designed to simplify the complex and time-consuming task of application tuning providing predictive analytics allowing Developers, IT Operations and DevOps to have an application global view and to take the best decisions for their businesses.

Simplit Solutions: Simplit is a company dedicated to process optimization by means of designing innovative technological solutions for highly complex problems. We look for opportunities to improve upon the logistics and operations of companies – using our expertise in optimization – to strengthen our clients’ business.

ConversionMonk: ConversionMonk boosts website sales & conversions with behavioral science. We decipher each visitor’s buying concerns & motives and auto-magically react with Real-Time Behavioral Targeting. Our proven, revolutionary system quickly increases website sales and conversions and converts your worthless traffic into customers and subscribers. TourismTiger is the world’s #1 builder of websites for tour & activity businesses. Our aim is to eliminate the expensive, ineffective web design agency model – becoming faster, better and more effective. With TourismTiger, your website never goes out of date!

HostTonight Scale: HostTonight responds to guests’ inquiries and communicate with potential guests until a reservation is confirmed, HostTonight provides 24/7 key exchange and take care of cleaning services. We optimize your Airbnb profile and listing to make it look more attractive to travelers.

Pacifico: We are a disaster resilience company. We develop products to help reduce the impact of disasters.

GEAenzymes: GEAenzymes has a novel disruptive technology to reduce saturated fats from the dairy products.

Rock N Roll Games – The ‘Nike’ for Mobile Games: In the same way Nike create and sells official jerseys of sports clubs (i.e. Barcelona FC), we create and sell official videogames of clubs and superstars, in a revenue-share model.

We currently have the rights of Boca Juniors (Arg), Universidad de Chile (Chile), Universidad Catolica (Chile) and Lionel Messi (Arg).

Babytuto Expansión: Babytuto accompanies parents through the development of their babies, providing an personalized experience of relevant information, products offers and services depending on the development stage of the baby, beginning in the conception before until the kid is 5 years old.

ZURSH-RESEARCH: Zursh is the first full-service maketplace for business research.
Zursh’s mission is to make quality research available to every professional.

TimePoints: TimePoints is a customer-experience measurement/management ecosystem which allows organizations to turn real-time customer feedback into actionable business solutions. We want to provide the best information so companies reduce their response time allowing them to salvage customers and increase their profits. We are outsmarting bad service