Start-Up Chile recognized as a remarkable international achievement of regional attractiveness and place marketing


It will receive an award during the Place Marketing Forum 2014 in Aix-en-Provence, 16th and 17th October 2014


The Start-Up Chile talent attraction initiative, initiated by the Chilean government, was shortlisted as one of the nine notable achievements, to be showcased and awarded during the second edition of the Place Marketing Forum, the largest conference in France dealing with territorial marketing (development of promotion of city, regions and countries), taking place in Aix-en-Provence, on the 16th and 17th October 2014.


At the end of a three-steps selection process, which allowed to identify about thirty cases among more than 400 achievements in key areas of place marketing (economic development, tourism, residential, urban regeneration projects, cultural, sporting events, M-I-C-E etc.), within European and American continents, the selection committee of the Forum retained Start-up, including its highly disruptive marketing program, as the Place Marketing Award 2014s’ laureate on the theme of Attractiveness and Talent Search, Creative Economy & Entrepreneurship(more on the Place Marketing award).


Start-Up Chile’s application successfully met the excellence criterions set ahead of the conference, in terms of innovation and results, and was recognized as a successful innovative program aimed at attracting top global talent, for the benefit of an emerging economy and youth entrepreneurship.


As underlined by the selection committee of the Place Marketing Forum 2014:


Launched in 2010 by the Chilean government to attract in Chile top talented young entrepreneurs from around the world and develop the entrepreneurial spirit of young Chileans, the innovative program Start-up Chile has attracted more than 12 000 applications, helped to create more than 560 startups and positioned Chile as a major “hub” for entrepreneurship and innovation in Latin America.





The eight other laureates of the Place Marketing Forum 2014 are:


– Connect Ireland’s peer marketing and ambassador strategy (Ireland)

– City of Rockeford–Etsy partnership for craft entrepreneurship development (US)

– Our Miami ‘s initiative to improve quality of life through community involvement (US)

– Amsterdam Marketing ‘s integrated business plan (Holland)

– The Futuroscope leisure park of Poitiers (France)

– Saint-Etienne’s urban transformation and new city attractiveness (France)

– Val Thorens ski resort’s global marketing strategy (France)

– Helsinki World Design Capital’s successful program (Finland)


See the Place Marketing Forum 2014 program.


The nine best cases were selected by the forum’s experts, based on the « Territorial Benchmarking », a permanent monitoring platform of best territorial marketing practices worldwide, operated by the CoManaging consultancy in partnership with the Regional Attractiveness and Place Marketing Chair of Sciences-Po Aix (learn more).


Place Marketing Forum (


The Place Marketing Forum is an international conference hosted every year by the Regional Attractiveness & Place Marketing Chair. The aim of this major conference is to present, share and reward the best place marketing practices worldwide.

30 French and international leading experts and professionals of place marketing, will take part in the 2014 Forum, which will gather more than 400 professionals from public, private and non-profit organizations committed to advance knowledge in the area of regional development and place marketing.  The forum will last two days and will take place at the Congress Center of Aix-en-Provence.




The “Regional Attractiveness and Place Marketing” Chair (Chaire Attractivité et Nouveau Marketing Territorial)


Operated by Sciences Po Aix in partnership with the CoManaging consultancy and public and private businesses, and founded by more than twenty French local authorities, the “Regional Attractiveness & Place Marketing” chair is a “territorial chair” dedicated to attractiveness and new regional marketing practices throughout the world. Therefore, it has a strong focus on innovation in the various development and regional marketing professions: diagnostics and strategy, structuring and description of the offer, price strategy, branding, marketing, communication, operational action plan, governance, and stakeholder activities.

Its ambition is to becoming a European leader in information, research and teaching of territorial marketing. A strong ambition supported by a major program, a commitment of the founding local authorities and partner companies over several years and therefore a consolidated budget