Start-Up Chile Panel was chosen to be part of South by South West 2015


Over 3,000 applications marked the beginning of the selection process of one of the most important festivals on innovation in the world, South by South West (SXSW). Start-Up Chile was one of the few accepted, which shows the importance of the entrepreneurship program coming from the Chilean Government. “Being selected for the event means that was your panel one of the best” says the acceptance letter from SXSW.

“Building a Startup Ecosystem from Zero” is the name of Start-Up Chile’s Panel. They will talk about how the program is learning from global entrepreneurs and how they are helping to build the Chilean ecosystem. Also, about the 13,000 applications from more than 100 countries that the program got without a single dollar spent on marketing. How did they achieve this? What has been their secret in rapidly reaching entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe?

Despite the many successes Start-Up Chile has experienced, as a program it is still not exempt from the overwhelming failure rate that startups face. However, Start-Up Chile has been very proactive in learning from the experiences of the good, the bad and the ugly. These learnings are passed on to new generations who are able to leverage the experiences of those who walked before them.

Start-Up Chile has literally knocked down barriers and has transformed Santiago into a vibrant and flourishing startup ecosystem. More than 13,000 startups have applied to Start-Up Chile and 1,000 have passed through the program. There have been highs and lows, chaos and brilliance, and they have learned A LOT. From a radical idea to a global community, we have gained invaluable experience and learning.

Now Start-Up Chile is honored to be part of SXSW, see you in March 2015