Start-Up Chile opens the application process for the Seed program, and broadens its search to startups that focus on solutions for the problems generated by COVID-19


  • Entrepreneurs from Chile, and from all over the world, can apply to Start-Up Chile Seed program from March 18 until April, 8th .
  • The selected entrepreneurs will obtain, among other benefits, a 25 million pesos fund, workspace and participation in an acceleration process to grow their business.

Santiago, March 2020 – Start-Up Chile, a program of Corfo, opens a new application process for the Seed fund, which finances 25 million pesos for projects that propose innovative and technological solutions that promote the economic and social matrix, with a special focus on containing the spread of COVID-19. This is a result of the sanitary emergency that affects the world today.

“We invite all entrepreneurs from Chile and around the world to participate in this new Seed program, where we look for technologies and innovations to boost our economic and social matrix in all areas. At the moment we are interested in focusing on solutions that help contain and / or stop the spread of the Coronavirus and also solutions that allow us to face better all the demands of current daily life in this period of isolation that is affecting all the economies of the world, thousands of people and their jobs. It is a challenge for all entrepreneurs to respond with creativity, innovation, and technology to the challenges that society demands of us today”, says Pablo Terrazas, Vice President of Corfo.

This announcement seeks initiatives with less than 3 years of development and from any country, which can apply to be part of one of the largest business communities in the world. It also requires that the team is 100% dedicated to the project and that they have a functional and early validation product. It is necessary for the start-up to have a global perspective and a clear expansion strategy.

The Seed acceleration program lasts 6 months, a period in which the participants can share knowledge with other companies from over 80 countries. The selected startups will receive a free participation fund and a full acceleration process, which includes mentoring, pitch trainings and workshops, among other activities. One of the key points of the program is that all foreigners will also receive a work visa for one year, so that they can grow their business from Chile.

To apply, those interested must enter the Start-Up Chile website, where you can find instructions on how to apply.