Start-Up Chile + Los Ángeles: joining forces


Yesterday, Monday 26th, Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles, visited our headquarters for an awesome meetup where we discussed how the city is committed to help entrepreneurs and how can it be beneficial for one to move over there.

More than 100 suppers made a pause in their busy schedules to have the opportunity to hear what the Mayor had to say. He was introduced by Start-Up Chile´s founder, Nico Shea, and remembered the audience how the diverse population at Los Angeles has been a great source of creativity, just like at Start-Up Chile. He encouraged all those working on clean tech to consider making a stop at Los Angeles while they build their companies.

Later on, at the US Ambassador´s home, Horacio Melo, Start-Up Chile´s Executive Director and Cristóbal Undurraga, from Corfo, signed an agreement with the Mayor to take the collaboration between Santiago and Los Angeles to a whole new level.