Hurry up! Application process will close on september 30th


The biggest startup community in the world want to keep growing. The Corfo (Chilean Economic Development Agency) program, just open a new application process from September 2nd to September 30th, where entrepreneurs from all over the world, may join the greatest revolution led by Start-Up Chile.


SANTIAGO, Chile. September 2nd , 2014 – The program is ready for the twelfth application process which is taking place between September 2nd and September 30th. Start-Up Chile attracts every year entrepreneurs from all over the world to start their business in Chile. They will receive 20 million pesos (about US$ 35,000) along with a working visa for a year to come to Chile and accelerate the startup. As a requirement, the entrepreneurs must remain in the country for at least 6 months and help to spread the entrepreneurial spirit; participating in social activities and sharing their experiences with other applicants.

To apply, applicants should go to and follow the instructions. They can also send an e-mail to stgo at for more information about the process.

During September, Start-Up Chile staff members and its entrepreneurs will host Meetups in Chile and around the globe spreading the word and answering all the questions other entrepreneurs may have about how the program works. To check where the meetings are going to take place, just visit Start-Up Chile web site.

The projects will be reviewed by a group of experts in innovation, investors, entrepreneurs and a Subcommittee on Entrepreneurship in Corfo (the Chilean Economic Development Agency). Applicants will be notified of the results by the end of December.


If you can’t make it to a meetup, don’t worry. You can always reach out to us with any questions at


To those dynamite entrepreneurs of Gen 12 we say: Start-Up Chile awaits you. Come build amazing products and services, and while you’re doing it, help transform Chile and Latin America.




– 2014.08.26 > Berlin, Germany

– 2014.09.03 > Buenos Aires, Argentina

– 2014.09.11 > Montevideo, Uruguay

– 2014.09.23 > Santiago, Chile

– 2014.09.23 > Argentina, Córdoba

– 2014.09.24 > Bogotá, Colombia

– 2014.09.24 > Concepción, Chile

– 2014.09.24 > Talca, Chile

– 2014.09.24 > Temuco, Chile

– 2014.09.25 > Viña del Mar, Chile

– 2014.09.25 > San Francisco, USA

– 2014.09.25 > Bello Horizonte, Brazil


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