Start-Up Chile in the news for friends in China, and more!


CCTV is a network doing for the Chinese audience what Al Jazeera did for the Arab world. They have reporters dedicated solely to produce stories about Latin America, and that is how Brian Byrnes ended up coming to Chile to learn more about Start-Up Chile and the amazing entrepreneurs joining the family at the moment. He spent a couple days with us, visited both of our offices, attended our meetups, getting great work done.

Watch the piece by the end of this post! It aired on “Americas Now” at CCTV.

We also got mentioned again on CNN Blog´s because David Lloyd is part of a series about “The Millenials”. David´s piece is about foreign entrepreneurs, an issue that is at the core values of Start-Up Chile. David opens his column talking abot how “There is a new talent war and it is global,” and later on compares  different countries´policies regarding immigration and talent. Check out his piece here.

Also, CruiseWise got featured at TNooz, a mag “talking travel tech”. Perfect place for CruiseWise to get some exposure!