Start-Up Chile hits the Pavement


Start-Up Chile hits the Pavement

Standing out in a sea of standard advertisements like rooms-for-rent and guitar lessons, is Start-Up Chile calling out the question: “$40k for your Start Up?”

A tag line like that is almost too tempting to resist and the idea is exactly that. The point of Start-Up Chile is to bring entrepreneurs from around the world to develop their early-stage business in the commercial hub of South America: Chile. With a $40,000USD grant, a work visa, and a wide range of support, Start-Up Chile provides the exact environment a budding entrepreneur requires to blossom.

And in the heart of Silicon Valley, this is the kind of ad that piques peoples’ attention. Stops them in their tracks. That draws them to apply for the funding. And that draws them to Chile and, of course, to success.

To apply please visit: and stay tuned for the arrival of our first entrepreneurs, landing in Chile next week.

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