Start-Up Chile: Equal Opportunity Entrepreneurship

Projects & Participants

With the opening of the 2011 Application Process, Start-Up Chile has been an international focus of great interest and, in the few short hours after announcing the aperture, received several nearly complete applications.  Due to the nature of Start-Up Chile, the combination of the relative mobility the program requires coupled with the amount of the subsidy ($40k USD), many potential applicants assume that it is a solely technology based program.  In fact, we accept projects from all business scopes ranging from biotech to energy to mobile and beyond.

Throughout the 2010 pilot phase, there have been a number of Start-Up Chile participants who exemplify the diversity that the program strives to seek.  Take H2020 headed by Erika Anderson, for example.  The project, one of a kind, marries social and mobile based entrepreneurship using smartphones to collect data on water quantity, quality, access and price in slum communities.  Using multidimensional space representation techniques enhanced with artificial intelligence, the H2020 teams crowdsources the information with data from other sources with the end goal of eradicating water poverty.

Another team that goes beyond the internet/technology sector is Aeterna Sol, which, originally from Los Angeles, California, has been in Chile since November 2010.  George Cadena is participating in the program, while making many treks to the North of Chile, to develop the company’s solar panels that are characterized by their unique cybernetic photovoltaic tracking system.  He has found a way to bring artificial intelligence to the mounting system and thereby reduce the need for concrete, steel and human labor thus reducing installation costs by up to 50% and increasing energy production from 10-40%.

Finally, among others, Piccsy whose CEO Daniel Eckler came to Chile from Toronto, Canada, is a creativity dictionary where artists, designers, and creative professionals compile and share their most favored images, those they find most inspiring and noteworthy.  Uploading content is exclusive and can be done by invite only.  The site is the next generation creative diary, is free for its users, and has a four-square-like aspect that allows top members receive badges and “bragging rights” for their stellar content integrations.

For all entrepreneurs interested in applying to Start-Up Chile, we want to make it public that we are heartily interested in receiving applications from all niches, not just IT or networks or e-commerce.  Which are certainly not going to be discriminated against, either.  Start-Up Chile is, in all senses, an equal opportunity entrepreneurial and innovation based program.

If you have more questions about application eligibility, please consult the documents on this page.