Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs can´t get enough of Chilean neighborhoods


Where can you find Chilean grannies, clown-dressed storytellers, feisty ping pong matches, piles of completos (a.k.a. hot dogs), and Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs? The second Malón Urbano in Bellavista! Last week, Roberto, Javier and Herbert from CitiSent and Krista and Marisol from Crowdplaces, (both SUP Round 2) who are all independently part of Ciudad Emergente, worked with a local NGO to close a street and hold a magical potluck block party. The goal: celebrate the diversity of Bellavista, get neighbors talking and sharing ideas for improving their neighborhood and change the everyday meaning of a street for a few hours. Discussion was geared around local community efforts to declare the neighborhood historic or “zona típica”. Among many highlights of the evening was the dreamy solo performance by Dean from Maptia(SUP Round 2). See how it all went down it with your own eyesAnd we made it into the news!