Start-Up Chile Demo Day joins Common Pitch Chile!


We are extremely proud to announce that Start-Up Chile´s Demo Day partnered with folks at Common Pitch Chile in order to offer a kick-as* event! You already know what Start-Up Chile´s Demo Day is all about, but let us tell you a little bit about Common Pitch Chile.

Common Pitch is one of the most important instances seeking to find the best startups in the U.S. This is the very first time that Common Pitch moves to LatAm, and therefore there are huge things in the oven: Common Pitch Chile will be the first urban festival devoted to social entrepreneurship, sustainability and innovation in Chile.  Common Pitch Chile will last 3 days and more than 20 speakers will be present. You´ll have a chance to learn from Al GoreTom Chi and Charly Alberti, David Cohen and Tomás Escobar. There is also some time devoted to music with rockers Devotchka and Devendra Banhart.

Common Pitch Chile also hosts a contest you might want to hear about: social entrepreneurs can compete for a prize of USD 35.000. All participants show their projects before 8 startups get selected for a final pitch round. The jury will decide LIVE who the winner is!

With such a spirit, we knew they were the perfect partners for our next Start-Up Chile Demo Day! Demo Day will take place on November 29th. More details are about to come!

For more about Common Pitch Chile, click HERE.