Start-Up Chile at Techventure 2014


Singapore is renown for Asia’s tech startup ecosystem, and that was clearly demonstrated today at the opening of Techventure 2014 held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and exhibition center. A multitude of startups, investors, delegates and tech savvy people flocked the halls at the trade center, demonstrating how important these type of events are for meeting the right people at the right time. Impressive enough, areas such as “deal flow” tables are setup in order to create the right kind of networking that startups need.

Techventures opening address was lead by the Minister for Communications and Information, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim and followed by a series of Keynote speakers, among them was Dado Banatao, John Jeans and panelist Khailee Ng. Tomorrow we’ll see Youtube’s Co-founder Steve Chen and one of Sequoia Capital’s partners – Roelof Botha- talking about how growth is a group Endeavour.

Dextr, one of Start-Up Chile’s most innovative startups was present today at the trade show. Co-Founder John Lambie, will also be catching the public’s attention tomorrow at the Business Pitch Competition: ICT/ IDM, going for that first prize.

What’s really impressive is that Healthcare startups are dominating the scene along with startups from the National University of Singapore. It’s surprising to see how the importance of living a healthy lifestyle has turned into a business here in Singapore (or at least seems to be) and is manifested through local precision healthcare startups. John Jeans -former Chairman of GE healthcare Ltd- emphasized that startups should be kicking into the 14 billion dollar business. Something that we’ve witnessed with the appearance of wearable devices such as Nike’s health tracker Fuelband. Although this wasn’t something new, Dado Banatao did talk about the future of technology and were startups could play a key role.




Dado Banatao, a.k.a father of the semiconductor and inventor of the single chip (which later became the core of the PC) exploited the “Next Big Thing”. Dado revealed a fundamental problem that hasn’t been solved yet. Expressing that data is unstructured (thus the existence of big data) and does not communicate between each other, at least at the processing level. We could say this is quantum physics in the business world, mind boggling but fascinating as we could see the birth of a new era, post computer chips. By structuring data an opportunity is born, which could solve problems untouch at a large scale. We could create smart parking, smart energy consumption and build a future with true smart cities. Connecting the dots, and making data interact with each other without having to process it before hand, could be the next big thing. Leaving consumer devices behind as a protagonist, and pushing new ways of life out of a star wars movie and into the real world.

Photograph credits: National Research Foundation, Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore.