Start-Up Chile at “Región La Araucanía”


The first ever Start-Up Chile event in the beautiful IX Region was a great success last week. Twenty-two entrepreneurs from Start-Up Chile braved the overnight bus or took the two hour flight to Temuco, for a two day interaction with the Universidad de La Frontera.The Universidad de la Frontera in Temuco has around 8000 students across Region IX and includes a faculty of Informatic Engineering with 200 students.
On the first day of the event; following a warm welcome from the Director of the Computer Systems faculty, Ruth Novoa, all the SUPpers summarized their projects and took questions from the students. In the afternoon, we held a series of workshops with topics ranging from VC funding to education, which created some lively debates.  Various SUPpers and then students helped with translation and grew visibily more comfirtable on the mics.
Final year students develop real-life projects and as part of the encounter, the tables were turned. Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs spent the morning of day 2 getting dazzled by student ideas and presentations, and offering critiques, ideas and mentoring.
SUPpers also held a range of chats and classes; from programming to design; and spent time finding students who they will go on to mentor. The students and staff of UFRO turned on the full southern charm; including a fantastic dinner with movies and music; and every SUPper was reluctant to leave.
Most of the visitors took the opportunity to stay around the IX region for the weekend and visit Pucón; the staunchest hiked Volcano Villarrica or Parque Nacional Huerquehue and were rewarded with a soak at the Pozones natural hot springs.
A big thanks to everyone at UFRO and each SUPper who brought their energies and skills to this event. As Ruth said on her closing address, it felt like everyone had known each other for far longer than two days, and we are confident that lives have been changed for the better (on both sides!)