Start-Up Chile announced the 90 companies that will be part of the 13th generation

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After more than 1600 applications, the companies selected are coming from 25 countries. They will receive 20 million pesos (about US$ 35,000), a working visa for a year to come to Chile and access to the biggest startup community in the world to accelerate their startups.





Santiago, Chile 17th April 2015.- After the application process for the 13th generation, which took place in January, 90 global startups have been chosen to be part of the flagship entrepreneurial program of the Chilean government. In this new generation, the most represented countries are Chile (30%), USA (20%), Argentina (6%), Brazil (6%) and India (6%).




The most represented industries from this batch are from IT & Enterprise Software (21%), Education (11%), Mobile & Wireless (10%), E-commerce (9%) and Healthcare & Biotechnology (7%).

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Regarding the gender of the founders, 16% are women and 84% are men. Although female participation is much lower than male participation, Start-Up Chile continues with a higher rate of female founders when compared to most of the accelerators in Silicon Valley.


The companies selected for the 13th generation will start the program on 22 June 2015. All the founders must be in country during that week to begin the orientation process and kick-off their experience as Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs.


As a requirement, entrepreneurs must remain in the country for the duration of the program (6 months) and help spread the entrepreneurial spirit; participating in social impact activities and sharing their experiences with other applicants of the Chilean ecosystem.


The startups will also have the chance to apply to the new follow-on fund Start-Up Chile SCALE that offers CLP 60 million (approximately USD 100,000) to companies that have significant traction, are generating revenue and that need the extra capital to grow in Chile and expand to the rest of Latin America. Only companies that have first passed through the six-month Start-Up Chile program will be eligible to apply to this new fund. In addition, companies must have a legal presence in Chile: an incorporated company or a legal subsidiary that includes a legal representative.



Ladies and gentleman! These are the 90 startups chosen to be part of Generation 13th



Startup Name

                                                   Public Description

Adventure Bucket List Adventure Bucket List is an online travel company that allows travelers to book activities online with the rest of their itinerary.With our client booking software, robust API and web platform/widget we are able to maximize tour operator’s bookings and Traveler’s can now make the most of their trip.
Agribots Agribots is an agricultural data company that helps producers improve their businesses. Agribots plans to build a database of agricultural data from public and private sources to enhance agricultural benchmarking, thereby increasing yields and crop quality. Agribots’ application delivers analytics from the Agribots sensor and from private and public sources.
Aminotec Aminotec discovers and improves novel Antarctic bacteria for the production of amino acids under industrially relevant conditions.
Athways Athways provides the easiest and most intuitive way for elite athletes and coaches to create, distribute, and track personalized team workouts. Athways plans become the lean training platform used by all serious athletes through facilitation of peer-to-peer training and workout recommendations.
Bee Smart Technologies BST incorporates innovative technology and sustainable design in producing a Smart Beehive Management System that will directly influence, measure and enhance the life of the bees.
Beelivery Beelivery is a crowdsourcing last-mile logistics platform for e-commerce that operates exclusively with zero emission and smart vehicles.
Biocolour Technologies Biocolour technologies, is a new enterprise dedicated to solve the high-demand for natural carotenoid antioxidants, such as astaxanthin. We are developing a novel technology based on marine beneficial microorganisms that are natural producers of this highly valued organic product.
Biotic Solutions Biotic Solutions is a research company that aims to develop the first bacterial-based biosensor for detecting trace amounts of Dioxin, a highly dangerous chemical accumulated in meat, dairy and seafood products. This technology provides a faster, more specific/accurate, and easy to use field method for detecting this hazardous chemical.
Capta360 Companies want their brand stories and the events they sponsor to go viral on the main social networks, seeking to improve the engagement level with their customers.Capta360 automatically identifies event attendants and posts branded pictures and videos of them in their favourite social network accounts. Modern browser credit card scanning for all devices
Club de Trading Financial Elearning system specializing in investmentsCourses to learn to invest yourselfNo matter if you have knowledge in finance. In ClubdeTrading you will always find a course that get ready as an investor. More than a course will provide all the support you’re always accompanied by the best professionals
ConsorcioAbierto ConsorcioAbierto sets a digital framework to the relationship among unit owners, tenants and the property manager. With a strong focus on communication, efficiency and transparency we place the whole consortium into a higher level connecting them internally and with other buildings.
DataCraft & Magic Ltd Data Craft & Magic specializes in the conceptualization, design and development of vertical-specific and bespoke Data Mining solutions to meet the challenges of modern Big Data processing and its meaningful utilization.We empower users to perform context-related research across disparate sources, containing multitudes of documents and data. 
DELI Global Metropols are exciting, with endless possibilities. Having choices is great but it can also be confusing. How about a city platform, customised to your personality?DELI uses 6 simple questions, a comprehensive algorithm and an in-depth database of the best locations to give you a tailor-made guide to your city. allows users to quote with hundreds of recommended mechanics in only one step. Allows users to find reliable mechanics and workshops at very reasonable prices, avoiding unnecessary repairs.
DevCode DevCode is an e-learning platform that provides advanced courses in web and mobile development. Also, we connect our students with employment opportunities.
Edgar At Edgar we help companies build up their brands and win their customers with powerful stories. We’re hacking the advertising industry so it would finally work for the little guy.We connect brands to the best creatives (writers, illustrators, photographers) through the StoryMarket, where they create great stories. Together.
Eficienciapp Eficienciapp is a user friendly energy savings platform and mobile application for homeowners, retail stores, commercial and industrial businesses, and energy efficiency companies. Easy, quick and accurate, it provides advice on how to reduce energy bills within minutes, while connecting all the stakeholders in the energy savings spectrum. “Linkedin of Products”. Is a new tool for Retail companies to find, analyze and incorporate new products. We are streamlining a complicated process, saving time for suppliers and Retail companies.
EMC – Exponential Motor Company A retrofit kit (hardware + software solution) that converts any FWD car into a hybrid supported by Artificial Intelligence. Our technology opens the way for massive adoption of new hybrid, hybrid plug-in and electric cars. Reducing 1/3 CO2 emissions and improving fuel efficiency between 30% and 40%
Expensas Online Expensas Online is an innovative and inclusive platform for managing and collecting common expenses.
Fexos Fexos is a med-tech medical device startup, aimed to creating prosthetic and exoskeletons to give people high quality and reasonable cost solutions for diverse types of amputations. Nowadays solutions for amputees have high costs (>100K) and cheaper ones have too many limitations.
Flixtio Flixtio is the first online marketplace where creative people connect to buy and sell products through short videos. In these videos sellers explain the concept and story behind their products and demonstrate their uses before they invite people to shop. provides a platform to develop and publish software focused on reusable components. It proposes a new paradigm for developing software that adds a visual abstraction layer that facilitates code reuse.
Global Opportunity (GO) GO is a fellowship program and online portal (GOx) transforming the way we build careers and communities. We recruit post-graduate talent looking for global experience and an entrepreneurial edge to work with key stakeholders in emerging innovation hubs who need increased access to talent, training, funding, and resource capacity.
Hubchi Hubchi is an online marketplace to find and book cool things to do in every city, across  art, adventure, outdoor, entertainment and travel categories. Managing your vacation rental can be a very difficult task. At Huespi we will make sure this is not your case, we have been Airbnb hosts for over 3 years with an occupancy rate or over 90%. We will manage your property hassle free.
HypeMentor HypeMentor is Software-as-a-Service which enables organizations to harness the power of their network by connecting past and present members. We consolidate organizational networks into an easily searchable database and interface that facilitates interactions between current members and alumni.
Intellicane Intellicane delivers independent mobility for the blind and the visually impaired. Intellicane is a technologically advanced  equipment, which overpowers the limitations of a traditional cane, by giving the user knowledge about their surroundngs and enable them to make decisions quickly, thus allowing them to move around safely and confidently.
IPROC: Smart sensor network for safe driving Smart sensor network integrated to the vehicle, which gives any car the technological advantages of luxury cars. IPROC measures the car and route conditions, and provides recommendations for accident prevention. It  also interacts with the vehicle internal devices, allowing the implementation of security barriers, which will decrease risk of robbery.
Jotengine We make audio transcription better by using a hybrid of humans and machines to convert audio to text.
KadeWash KadeWash is a detergent with a nanotech based UV filter, after each wash it will provide protection against Ultra Violet rays to your clothing.
Keyword Tool Simple and fast keyword research tool that helps to find thousands of long-tail keywords for content creators, SEO and SEM professionals.
Linksquare / Stratio Stratio is bringing Infrared vision to the mass market.  Stratio is developing an image sensor and also using its experience to develop a simple video call service called Linksquare. is the LendingClub for emerging markets, focusing on education and agriculture loans. Our mission is to leverage innovative technology to alleviate poverty and help people access better financial products and services in South East Asia and other emerging markets.
LocalJob LocalJob it’s a mobile app that lets you find the best and closer professionals and artisans, right when you need them! LocalJob enhances local markets and offers people the chance to choose only the best professionals.
Lookeate Lookeate is the first online marketplace for beauty services in Latam.Our goal is to connect anyone with the beauty services they want while helping the professionals who provide those services to grow their business through SaaS tools. At Lookeate users can book a beauty service in 3 clicks.
Magi Metrics Magi Metrics helps companies extract data from over 20 different web applications ranging from Asana to Zapier. You can use our Microsoft Excel and Google Sheet plugins to automate your reports, or even use it to generate sales leads from AngelList and LinkedIn.
Masblu Cash Payments We offer the first mBaas (mobile backend as a service) that allows to purchase through smartphone any goods or services by paying in cash, over 200k payment locations throughout Latin-America. Developers and eCommerce companies increase their income by entering to a new market, beyond credit card payment methods.
MicroAgro MicroAgro is an entrepreneurship focused in the development of bioproducts for agriculture based on native microorganisms with high biotechnological potential. We aim to create a more sustainable agriculture using biotechnology to reduce chemical fertilizers.
Micropower Pakistan We are making the fastest charging battery bank, eliminating the wall hugging issue. Along with the fast charging option the battery bank has multiple other function such as charging from solar panel or charging from hand crank, and a micro usb port to facilitate charging from and micro usb plug. will be the best online tutoring service in Spanish. We´ll connect students with tutors from top colleges, combining the convenience of working online with the quality of individual mentoring. On, students will get last-minute help, schedule regular lessons, or ask a quick question when doing an assignment.
Mixvisor Mixvisor finds artist names in a website’s text and lets users preview their latest songs without leaving the page. For free. It’s simple, just hover over an artist’s name and you’ll see their latest tracks!
Moondo Moondo is a marketplace where design lovers can explore and discover a selection of baby and kid products from some of the most creative and innovative local designers.
Motus Motus is a creative motion enhancer. It is out-of-the-box, plug’n’play device providing users an exciting and simple way to explore and play sounds using their motion. It can be used as a creative tool by musicians and dancers, and as an intelligent toy for kids and grown-ups.
NAZAR Smart Database Performance as a Service. NAZAR.IO is a performance monitoring tool specially designed to simplify the complex and time-consuming task of application tuning providing predictive analytics allowing Developers, IT Operations and DevOps to have an application global view and to take the best decisions for their businesses.
NEOGRAM Neogram is a biotech start-up founded by two biologists with the purpose of applying biotechnological tools to improve the nutritional quality of tropical and subtropical grasses and increase livestock production in a sustainable way.
NODO An app based service for universities and educational institutions; NODO improves communications between academics, students and the institution itself. How? NODO shares real time information regarding academic activities, class schedule modifications, calendar sync, and much more. All the information students need, quickly at hand, in one app.
Onchenda Open Global Food Cooperative A social enterprise for creating healthy communities and local economies through proliferation of locally grown and consumed safe food, by empowering organic farmers, market gardeners, fisheries and specialty shops to sell their poultry, meat, dairy, fish, produce and specialty items direct to local buyers through our online food hub, GLOBALLY.
PACIFICO Pacifico creates smart technologies for disaster risk reduction.
PERAST PERAST, is a SaaS with a Mobile Data Collection Systems, that brings capabilities for capturing, editing, and analyzing information quickly and efficiently.  Helping companies to replace paper-based processes, save time, money by increased efficiency, PERAST is extremely flexible, being easily configurable and manageable without the need of external hardware.
Pitglass Pitglass,  Smartglass aplication for mine operators. All the information is right in the field of view, hand-free. Improving the communication with the central control, drawing the power of smart device using voice, display, video camera, microphone, GPS information.The new way to view the mining future.
Platfarm By leveraging cutting edge software technology, Platfarm enables agriculture stakeholders to collect, communicate, analyze and report information. This includes actionable data insights, which results in increased productivity and efficiency of agricultural production. Additionally, Platfarm makes it easier for producers to comply with international certifications.
PodClear PodClear is a suite of podcast specific tools that allows for the end to end creation, editing, and distribution of high quality content in one easy to use application.
p-Olive – Olive oil waste valorisation by edible and medicinal mushrooms production Olive  oil  production  is  in  serious  expansion  in  Chile.  Olive  mill  wastes  (OMW)  are  a environmental  problem  due  to  the  presence  of  recalcitrants.  Mushrooms  are  an  important protein source, give value-added products and have capacity to grow on OMW. The goal tomake use of OMW to grow mushrooms. 
PortalGlam Online ERP (Enterprise resource planning) Software for the administration and management of hairdressers and beauty centers of any size and type; from small, up to huge hairdressers and beauty centers with multiple branches and employees.
Proversity Proversity works directly with organisations, co-creating and hosting free open digital courses. These allow employers to attract, assess & recruit talent -based on ability, not background- providing cultural & technical skills as part of job applications. A tool for Recruitment, In-house Training and to integrate the unemployed into the workforce.
Rabell Rabell is a mobile application that democratizes simultaneous translation, by permitting organizers or any member of the public, to create a virtual translated version of the event using their language skills and their smartphones to stream translated audio and/or text.  The audience can hear/read the translation and vote favourite translators.
Replica Labs Replica Labs takes decades of progress in computer vision to turn any smartphone into a 3D scanner by leveraging cloud processing and a simple sensor that’s found in every pocket around the world:  a single lens camera.
RockHeine A startup focused in home automation and internet of things. Our Mission is to become reference in this emerging market segment, providing an innovative product of high scalability, easy installation, and lot cheaper than current solutions. Welcome to Rockheine!
ScanEat ScanEat is the easiest way to pay at bars and restaurants.  Just by checking in, you can view your order, split the bill with your friends and pay it, right from your smartphone.ScanEat lets you free yourself from the check.
Sellpad Restaurant POS done right.
Setafoam We make biodegradable mycelium based packaging that replaces styrofoam in the 9 billion dollar packaging industry.  We use waste materials such as waste from wine production so we can produce a product cheaper than nonrenewable petroleum based products
SHOPTIMA Shoptima is a B2B wholesale crowd purchasing company that provides Small and Medium Enterprises with online indirect procurement services required to keep the day to day business.Shoptima acts as a third party service helping companies to reduce costs, improve their efficiency and enhance their performance.
Sigma Sigma is an online investment platform that offers clients highly customised portfolio suggestions tailored to fit their needs. We automate the managing of your savings at a low cost. We want to democratize finance. Let us get to know you: invest and relax.
Skyries Innovations Pvt Ltd Skyries  vision is to  evolve to a world class product company with industry standards of high quality practices & processes. Adapting   advanced technological methods keeps us consistent with incredible product quality. Our dynamic leadership, risk handling, critical thinking, creative problem solving and proactive execution  makes us unique from others.
SlideMail Mobile email meets artificial intelligence.SlideMail is a personal assistant mail app that adapts to your behavior, e.g., what you archive, what you read, can automatically schedule meetings and remind you of important events.
Spoken Spoken is a next generation app for Alternative & Augmentative Communication – using big data, machine learning, cloud services, and user-centered design to create a predictive text solution for those with speech disorders. Our language-independent approach means quick expansion into underserved global markets.
Staytuned App, Inc. Staytuned is a context-aware user interface for smartphones that provides users with the right apps at the right moment.Staytuned learns and predicts the user’s behavior using device’s hardware (sensors) and software (apps). It increases the efficiency of mobile usage and helps apps to increase engagement and retention
Styrocycler Recycling EPS, or Styrofoam, one of the most used polymers in packing and construction industries, has being a long-standing problem due to its physicochemical nature. This project will revolutionized the recycling market by introducing an innovative product to recycle one of the most commonly employed polymers around the world.
Synthesis Imaging We are the single digital resource for Chilean mining companies to access high-fidelity mining survey reports.
TalkToChef TalkToChef is a micro consulting marketplace platform where foodies can get their culinary questions answered by master chefs via video consultation. Currently we have 1450 chefs who are available 24/7 and it takes less than a minute to respond to any help request for a small tip. connects students unable to solve math questions with teachers able to help them. In just minutes, 24/7 by truly math teachers.
Tationem Tationem aims to build the best text analytics platform using which the businesses can make sense of text, even without reading it.
Telewander We believe in giving everyone the opportunity to travel, explore, and discover. Using drones in combination with information and telecommunication technologies, we open the possibility for people to explore the world without borders and other constraints. We offer the world’s first real time, remote aerial travel experience through the Internet.
The Mimic Method The Mimic Method helps language learners perfect their pronunciation and reduce their foreign accent by providing precise, personalized feedback on speech recordings via the cloud.
The Urban Roosters The Urban Roosters is an online platform that let people all over the world challenge each other to one-on-one rap “battles”. In Urban Roosters users are able to battle, watch, vote and connect with rappers and fans 24 hours a day 7 days a week, on a non stop competition.
Timokids Timokids is an app that brings educational entertainment for kids on their smartphone and tablet. Our main goal is provide contents that entertain while educate childrens and make them prepared for their grown life.
Trailblazer, by Twingl. Trailblazer is a Google Chrome extension that turns your hundreds of browser tabs into a glanceable, shareable map. You see what was good, how you found it, and where to go next.
Transnovatia LLC We develop components for  intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and automated traffic managment system withadaption for current ITS due open protocol as webservice or as turn key solutions.Also  we developed cloud service,that   provide to  developers access for mathematic algorithm for developing their own application using our technology. 
Typeset We help create journal-ready submissions for researchers. Our solution allows users to create structured-documents within just seconds. Typeset enables re-formatting to multiple journals and provides publishers access to validated documents. Starting with Academia, Typeset intends to scale to any kind of structured documents by allowing people to develop customized templates.
TYSDO – Things You Should Do O Tysdo – Things You Should Do – torna possível o compartilhamento de suas experiências de vida através de uma lista de desejos e propõe desafios com recompensas. O mundo está lá fora recheado de experiências que dão sentido à vida e o Tysdo irá ajudar a torná-las ainda melhores!
ususty Ususty, is an easily scalable smart device recycling IoT solution. Our goal is to eliminate e-waste, through a simple application and global, easily-accessible and flexible recycling infrastructure. We have developed a smart-bin concept which motivates and rewards users who return their used devices.
ValorTop ValorTop helps Spanish-speaking users discover and buy great tech products. We do this by offering product comparison, in-depth reviews, price comparison and soon, time-limited and discounted deals (“ofertas”).
Waya We are a social network that wants to give better products to consumers, we study the perception they have on developing products and give feedback to companies so they can develop what consumers really need
Webcarga WebCarga is a online shipping marketplace solution.  Webcarga seamlessly connects customers  from business shippers and consumers  with feedback rated transportation service providers that engage in online fixed price and spot market. Webcarga connects the offer and demand in freight, giving efficient solutions to currently unsolved transportation problems. is the StubHub for airline tickets. An online marketplace for re-selling airline tickets. A place to sell tickets you can’t use, and buy tickets for cheap.
YoPublico YoPublico es un servicio integral para autores, editoriales, universidades, instituciones y compañías que desean digitalizar, publicar, distribuir y vender su libros y contenidos en más de 1,000 tiendas online como Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble y más de 65,000 bibliotecas internacionales incluyendo nuestro catálogo de contenidos digitales, y, todo esto desde $197 por obra.Nuestra plataforma se encuentra 100% activa para ayudar a diferentes autores independientes e instituciones de Latinoamérica a publicar sus obras en formato digital (ePub, Mobi y PDF) a todo el mundo de una manera sencilla y económica. Asimismo, para asegurar el éxito de cada autor y sus obras ofrecemos servicios adicionales de marketing y consultoría, relaciones públicas, socialmedia , desarrollo web, webinars y servicios editoriales como edición y corrección de estilo, diseño de portadas, impresión por demanda, ghostwriting, entre otros. 
YouFeed We help brands to do good together with their clients. Thanks to our platform brands donate to the charity projects chosen by their public everytime a user Tweets or Shares the donation on Facebook. In this way, we improve brand’s reputation and foster their presence on social networks.
Zify Zify makes people’s daily commute simple & fun! By socially connecting car-owners and passengers to facilitate dynamic car-pooling, we provide an alternate mode of daily commute option which is affordable & comfortable.