Start-Up Chile Alumni: YoungCurrent, a News Source for Children goes Public

Blog – News for Kids, aggregated from child-friendly news publishers and served to each child’s reading abilities, with in-contextual Vocabulary help, assessment based Practice and personalised Reports of the student’s progress to the parents. YoungCurrent has recently launched to the public following which Harvard featured YoungCurrent in their Ed. Magazine.


Last week Harvard’s Graduate School of Education featured YoungCurrent on its homepage and tweeted about the new StartUp on a few of their twitter accounts. YoungCurrent and their journey at StartUp Chile was covered in this article on the Ed. Magazine, Harvard’s magazine on Education News.





About YoungCurrent

YoungCurrent aggregates child-safe news articles from news-safe publishers from across the internet. On top of aggregating these articles, YoungCurrent calculates the readability level of the news content on one side and understands the Grade level of the children on the other – and matches these two to make a personalised user-experience for the child.


While the student is reading articles, YoungCurrent provides in-contextual vocabulary help on each article. Based on the grade level, a few words are highlighted in the articles which the child can choose to tap on to learn the meanings. Research suggests that words learnt in the context of non-fiction stick better during formative years.


Based on the words exposed to the child, YoungCurrent creates a customised practice-based-assessment for each child. The child’s performance on the Practice assessments and their behavior on YoungCurrent is reported each week to the parent via an individualised Reports.



YoungCurrent’s Journey at StartUp Chile

Apart from focusing on developing and launching the, the team has also been tinkering with a Spanish Version of the website at Though in beta currently, aspires to have the same features as and will be targeted towards Spanish-only speakers and Spanish Language Learners across the world. YoungCurrent plants to test the English version with students in Santiago in the next few days to get feedback from students and teachers.


As for the business side of things, YoungCurrent believes that the product has a lot of potential and will remain free for all children for the foreseeable future. The start-up is looking at subscription-based revenue-generation for the parents and schools in the future to receive in-depth reports generated for each child.


Looking forward, YoungCurrent armed with both the English version and Spanish version, plans to go in to the US market, where these are the two main languages spoken and learnt there. Alongside are plans to launch native apps in Android and iOS market.



The Big Picture

While there is a clear focus for YoungCurrent on triggering curiosity in young minds via News, YoungCurrent is also aiming at the huge opportunity that is, English Language Learning in K-12. A report by Ambient Insight says that “The global market for digital English language learning products reached $1.8 billion in 2013. The worldwide five-year compound annual growth rate

(CAGR) is 11.1% and revenues will surge to $3.1 billion by 2018. ”


The report also found that “English language learning apps consistently rank in the top ten

bestselling educational apps in almost every country in the world, including English-speaking



YoungCurrent is well aware of  these opportunities and is currently taking ‘one day at a time’ as the current focus for the team remains sharpening the product further to make the User Experience to be spot-on.




Call to SUP Community

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  1. If you are a parent of a child in the age group of 8-16, you can give it a quick spin and let YoungCurrent know what you think.
  2. If you know parents or children who fit this criteria – ask them to give YoungCurrent a spin
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