Start-Up Chile Alumni: TinyBytes launches Battle of Toys on the AppStore


Battle of Toys, the debut mobile game from TinyBytes Games invites players to tap and slash through fun arcade brawler filled with a cast of signature toys. The title also obtains top featured placement and is recommended in the AppStore’s Games Section. TinyBytes aims at the worldwide mid-core audience and innovates by making action games extremely easy to control on mobile devices.


TinyBytes Games, a studio comprised of industry veterans that are committed to bringing fun-filled games to mobile devices globally, announced today that its brand new action brawler game, BATTLE OF TOYS, has launched for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices. In BATTLE OF TOYS, the bedroom becomes the battleground as players will find themselves in the midst of dynamic tap and slash fights with their favorite collectable toy figurines.
“In BATTLE OF TOYS, players of all ages can embrace their inner child and once again think back to the days of digging in the toy box to create their own toy battles”, said Andres Constantinidis, CEO of TinyBytes Games, “We love toys, so it was important for us to create a new gaming experience that delivers on the feeling of being young and playful while offering a quality game that features accessible controls and stunning graphics.”
BATTLE OF TOYS features an array of playable characters, each with their own unique weapons and special abilities that offer unique play style and strategy. Players will select their own exclusive action figure to enter the arena with in order to defeat their adversaries and battle for dominance. With nearly endless customization and upgrade options, toy combatants can be suited up to gain an extra edge in battle and do what it takes to win.
With Facebook capabilities integrated, players will compete against both friends and foes alike in BATTLE OF TOYS. Success can be tracked through Game Center Achievements and the goal is to be on top of the leader board. Compare and collect a variety of different toys and action figures at the capsule machine, an in-game feature that not only tests players luck, but rewards them with select upgrades.
Developed exclusively for mobile devices, BATTLE OF TOYS combines highly detailed graphics and animations with an intuitive combat system to deliver over the top fighting action. Updates for the title will be added regularly and will include even bigger toys into the collection.
Based in Chile, TinyBytes Games is made up of a highly experienced team of professionals with over 13 years in the gaming industry, having worked for global leading companies: Electronic Arts, Glu Mobile, Behaviour Interactive and Wanako Games, where team members successfully launched more than 50 games cumulatively across console, PC, online and mobile. Fueled by passion and the desire to make action games that are extremely fun, have amazing graphics and at the same time are ridiculously simple to play, TinyBytes Games aims to make the action genre more accessible to a wider global audience on mobile. Battle of Toys marks the company’s debut game, and offers players of all ages a highly entertaining ‘tap and slash’ action brawler with a cast of fun and unique toys.
“We want everyone to enjoy action games on their mobile devices, not just the hardcore audience but general audience too. We truly believe we can innovate by bringing simplicity to gaming experiences. We can do that by reducing the controls complexities inherited from console and arcade platforms, whilst delivering best in class graphics and fun elements which is what most of players want.” said Andres Constantinidis.
TinyBytes Games is part of Start-Up Chile’s Generation 10. “We are very happy with the support we obtained from the Start-Up Chile team. The program’s funds helped us develop and market Battle of Toys whilst they connected us with other sources of funding and advice. The entrepreneurial environment helped us grow our connections and the whole experience was culturally enriching.” said Andres Constantinidis.
“Our company has been recently recognized by CNN as by one of the 9 startups to watch in 2015, which is a great distinction we are proud of. We really want to put Latin America in the world map when it comes to competitive game development. There is great talent and quality here. Thanks to Start-Up Chile, we visited many universities in Chile where we saw young talent waiting to show. The local gaming ecosystem is growing, there are new entrepreneurs and gaming startups with lots of ambition and that’s great for everyone.”