Start-Up Chile Alumni: The Cloudponics GroBox Brings Growing Cannabis Out of the Closet and Into Your Living Room

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Powered by the Internet of Things, hydroponics and LED lights, the GroBox allows anyone to grow cannabis at home controlling everything from their phone.

March 19th, 2016 – Cloudponics has launched a pre-sale campaign for the GroBox, a fully automated app-controlled device that grows up to 6 cannabis plants from seed to harvest and allows anyone to grow at home without hassle.

The founders Pepijn van der Krogt (CEO) and Nicolas Ruiz (CPO) started the company in late 2014 looking to solve the difficulty of growing plants indoors. They ended up developing a powerful technology that produces high quality cannabis with high yields like you would expect from an expert grower, but with such an easy user experience that anyone can operate it from their phone.

Pepijn van der Krogt & Nicolas Ruiz

“I’ve been growing indoors with hydroponics for the past 8 years, and have experienced the joy of getting it right and producing great buds, as well as the frustration of getting it wrong and killing all my plants just a couple of weeks before harvest,” said Nicolas Ruiz, CPO of Cloudponics. “Cloudponics solves the highly complicated and time consuming tasks of daily checking pH, nutrient levels, temperature, humidity, water level and other vital aspects of plant growth by automating and controlling every parameter for optimal growth.”Cloudponics has completed the Start-Up Chile accelerator program in Chile and is an alumni of the Wearable IOT World Lab in San Francisco. They have partnerships with General Hydroponics and Black Dog LED, two leading companies developing hydroponic nutrients and grow lights specially tailored for cannabis growers.

“Our vision for the GroBox goes way beyond homegrown cannabis,” added Pepijn van der Krogt, CEO of Cloudponics.  “Our technology is designed for automating and controlling small sized cabinets as well as commercial food production sites and even restaurants. We believe that the future of personalized agriculture is near and involves hydroponics, LED lighting and Artificial Intelligence. The latter has not been developed until now.”

The GroBox is a refrigerator-sized appliance that is not only smart, but pretty as well. A sleek wooden finish makes it suitable for installing anywhere at home, quite the opposite of the ugly grow tents and cabinets growers have secretly kept in hiding until now. With more and more states legalizing cannabis grown at home, consumers can finally include the experience of growing their medicinal or recreational cannabis into their lifestyle. Just like eating a tomato grown in your backyard, there is something unique and compelling about consuming cannabis you grew in your living room.


The Cloudponics team is ready to go into production after a year of development and testing prototypes with excellent results (an average of 8 ounces of premium bud every 3 months). Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have strict rules for products being related to cannabis, so the GroBox is currently being pre-sold directly on their webpage and shipping is expected for this summer. Early adopters may purchase the GroBox for $1490 with a 40% discount off its retail price ($2490) until April 30th. Check out CLOUDPONICS VIDEO lockthe hilarious “medicinal tomatoes” GroBox Video Campaign

Cloudponics is an AgTech company based in San Francisco that develops technology that innovates how plants are grown. Currently the company offers two products focused on cannabis users — the GroBox (complete system) and the GroPro (controller for existing grow rooms). Cloudponics is also developing a heavy-duty controller for large, commercial grow operations.