Start-Up Chile Alumni: saves teachers time in preparing, distributing and grading homework


Students can complete their homework through a mobile phone, tablet or PC. Both parents and educators have access to indepth analytics on learning progress.


In the last few weeks we’ve had a lot of press. El Mercurio, The Guardian and the BBC have discussed the service that we’ll soon launch in Lesotho. Although we’re currently focused on launching successfully in Lesotho, we’re also working to offer our service in Chile.

When arrived in Santiago in August 2014, we found a welldeveloped country and a population very concerned with education. We assessed whether Chile would be a viable market for and our research confirmed this possibility, especially once certain roduct modifications improve our compatibility with Chile’s technologically advanced culture.


In Lesotho and other targeted countries in Africa, our system functions exclusively through voice and SMS text messages. We’re limited to these communication channels as the majority of the population is not connected to the internet and/or does not have a smart device like and Android or iPhone. These challenges don’t exist in Chile to the same degree and therefore plan to develop a service for smartphones, tablets and PCs for the Chilean and other more developed markets.


We already have parties confirmed for pilot tests both in Chile and abroad. can help teachers all over the world save time on preparing, distributing, and grading homework, as well as automating administrative duties that come with registering those grades and interpreting student results to obtain insights on learning progress. Teachers are overburdened as classes exceed 30 students per class and consequently, many teachers simply don’t have time to grade the homework of all of their students.


In some cases, teachers have stopped assigning homework to the detriment of their students. Our Android application in Chile will be able to offer richer kinds of homework, extending beyond SMS and voice, to include audiovisual content. Starting in Chile, we will be able to offer a learning service directed by teachers that takes full advantage of smart devices including sound, pictures, text, graphs and video. This will be the first application in the world, which we know of, that offers a teachers the ability to automate their locally and contextually relevant homework process from preparation through to grading and administration.