Start-Up Chile Alumni: SayYeah Opens 2nd Round of Investment

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Santiago, Chile, Jan 21st, 2016 – SayYeah, the award-winning start-up of the Wolves Summit Poland and part of AltaClub Israel, today announced it has opened its 2nd round of investment.


Just two months after launching a Beta Platform in Santiago, Chile, the UK start-up SayYeah, an active participant in Start-Up Chile 14th generation is officially opening its second round of investment in order to move from a beta version to a finished platform. The co-founders Paul Bojarski (CEO), Gabo Ramos (CCO) and Jonny Williams (COO), are planning to launch SayYeah officially in June.


But what is SayYeah? A new social network? Perhaps a new streaming platform? It’s hard to answer those questions just yet, according to Chief Operating Officer Jonny Williams; Our CEO had a great vision about what the future of watching digital content would be and what the interaction between content and audiences should be, so we built a platform that took the word “Interaction” to a whole new level.








SayYeah allows people to watch the things they love together, no matter where they are and no matter what device they are using. That means that a person can watch a football game on their laptop while their best friend watches on a smartphone, being able to see each other, talk to each other, all while they are enjoying the match possibly miles away from each other and above all, SayYeah allows live shows to involve their audiences during the streaming. You are probably asking yourself, how is that possible? Well, the platform not only allows people to see each other while they are watching content, using SayYeah a presenter can see its audiences as well just like besties, listen to them, talk to them while seeing their faces and feeling their emotions all in real time. Crazy isn’t it?


As previously mentioned the platform was only launched two months ago in beta version and now that its founders have opened the second round of investment, they have already received a proposal from one its content partners to invest in the young company. “We feel honoured with that offer because it comes from one of the largest media companies in America and shows that we are going in the right direction, but given our negotiations with other big media partners for having their content in our platform, we don’t want to have a conflict of interest, but we are studying the possibilities with our board of directors” commented CEO Paul Bojarski.


The future is yet to come, with innovation lead by young entrepreneurs like SayYeah’s co-founders and their CTO, showing that not all is currently invented and that the right vision can change the way people see the world, literally.