Start-Up Chile Alumni: IKUNA signs deal with ENTEL and ILabUC

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IKUNA, chilean marketplace of handmade items, marketplace producer and Startup Chile participant- sign last month a deal with Entel and Ilab UC (Design Innovation center from Universidad Católica de Chile) to develop and manage a new marketplace for low income artisans of remote chilean towns like Pichidegua, Navidad and Machalí.


Afiche proyecto entel


The project and new marketplace will be called “Ruemprende” and includes training and digital literacy activities for all the participants (small entrepreneurs and artisans). The program will start in 2015 covering six locations of the VI and VII regions of Chile and will be expanding through different locations of the country in the following months (and years).


The deal was sign in the Anacleto Angelini Innovation Center, in Campus San Joaquín, Universidad Católica.


IKUNA is conecting small low-income entrepreneurs to the enormous benefits of e-commerce and the internet! We will keep you updated!