Start-Up Chile Alumni: BarterSugar Launches Online Trade and Barter Marketplace Free registrations allow startups to easily trade products, services and space

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BarterSugar, a marketplace where startups and small businesses around the world connect, both online and offline, to barter and trade goods and services, today announced the launch of its revamped service to the public.

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BarterSugar is a marketplace where companies trade personal services, extra space, and unwanted or excess products with others on the site – all without the expectation of exchanging money. Beginning today, users can sign up for free and begin trading sugar (i.e. services, space and products)with startups who need or want them. In addition to posting photos and descriptions of sugars on an elegant interface, users may message startups to learn more about them and leave a detailed rating on their experience.


“Many people have services, empty physical spaces, and products that are underutilized, but valuable to others who don’t have the know­how or access,” said Layla Tabatabaie, Founder and CEO of BarterSugar. “By allowing companies to connect with startups and arrange a trade, a benefit is provided to both parties without a money exchange.”

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We know “8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months,” and that, “on average about 70 percent to 80 percent of businesses fail in 10 years.” Consider the startup that has a team of social media experts, but needs a photographer to shoot photos for their website and blog; the social media experts can connect with a startup that has a photographer and needs help updating his social sites. “While waiting for our next beta version to be released, we started conducting manual matches,” Layla continued, “we receive requests daily for all sorts of business needs ­ from marketing to studio space in a particular location to photography, blogging or social media consulting. So we are also used to very specific barter requests.”


Once startups set up a free account, it is easy to get started using the service to trade goods and services. Startups add sugars they are willing to trade for, and other members will be able to filter by keywords and by geography. Additionally, the experience is customized to each users preference due to a proprietary algorithm. Startups are then connected with other members to begin a private barter session to negotiate a swap of goods and services that will benefit both parties. Successful bartering parties are finally able to access and complete a rating system that solicits feedback on satisfaction, reliability, quality and whether you would barter again or recommend to others.


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BarterSugar is a marketplace where startups and small businesses around the world connect, both online and offline, to barter and trade goods and services without spending money. The BarterSugar community includes entrepreneurs that are in the first few years of launching, and seasoned small business owners looking to expand their business offerings. Join us at!


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