Start-Up Chile: 10 years of Impact


New CEO and new challenges in the horizon

We have very exciting news. From Corfo, the public entity that is behind Start-Up Chile has announced a few changes in the organizational structure for the 10th anniversary of the Accelerator, due to the impact and positioning that Start-Up Chile has achieved in this decade of existence, and the relevance and role it currently has in the local and global ecosystem.

The first of them is that we have a new CEO: María de los Ángeles Romo is leading Start-Up Chile. She has a vast career as the former CEO of Endeavor and Managing Director of Catalyst (Endeavor’s VC in Chile), the creation of the first business angels network in Chile and the link with local and global entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Another change that this consolidation process implies, was made to upgrade the program to a management level. So, Start-Up Chile will now report directly to the Executive Vice President. This is a consequence of the conviction that this initiative, created in the first Government of President Sebastián Piñera, is a great success and fundamental to promote the creation of an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation that provides obvious benefits to all citizens.

As a consequence of this change, Start-Up Chile will participate directly in budgetary discussions, will contribute to the strategic priorities of CORFO and will give relevance to high impact entrepreneurship. There are many challenges in this new stage, but the main focus will be on promoting access to new forms of financing, sophisticated human capital, and promoting internationalization.

We hope that you will join us in this new process, to continue to refine the country’s productive matrix, attracting the best global entrepreneurs.

Start-Up Chile